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Congolese-German Centre for Microfinance

Microfinance is being currently ascribed increasingly more importance in the majority of African countries. However, there are very few professionals and university experts who are trained in this sector.

The need for professional skills in the domain of microfinance, in particular in the case of the Democratic Republic of Congo and of Central Africa, was the reason for the joint initiative undertaken by the Protestant University of Congo (Université Protestante au Congo - UPC) and the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management in Germany in order to devise a second-level university programme (degree) in microfinance.

This programme is being piloted by the Centre Congolais-Allemand de Microfinance (CCAM) at the Faculty of Business Administration and Economic Sciences at UPC. The aim is to give candidates in-depth training in microfinance in terms of knowledge, know-how and life skills.

In terms of knowledge:

Graduates in microfinance must be able to master the key theoretical concepts and acquire transferable analytical competences that combine three disciplines: development economics, finance and management.

In terms of know-how:

Thanks to their capacity for synthesis, graduates in microfinance shall be able to make an effective contribution to finding suitable and durable solutions to the problems faced by entrepreneurs and the IMF active in their environment.

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