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Sustainable Rural Development

Our advisory services are lead by a holistic approach to sustainable rural development that combines access to finance for all sizes of farms, agribusinesses and rural enterprises and households with improved technology, innovative cost efficient delivery channels and capacity building of financial institutions. Our approach includes supporting the conservation of natural resources through innovative financial vehicles.

Frankfurt School promotes better Finance standards by supporting financial institutions in developing innovative technologies, tools and financial products, which can be used to overcome traditional barriers to provide financial services in rural areas, reducing both the risks and costs associated with it.

Of equal importance is better Farming which involves direct support services to small farmers and agribusinesses in order to foster the development of an efficient and market-oriented agriculture and agri-industry. We assist the rebuilding and restructuring of value chains, involvement of communities and coaching of extension services providers. We also promote environmentally and socially sustainable farming.
In addition, we provide consulting and advise on better Resource Management, which means management of scare natural resources, both renewable and non-renewable.

Furthermore we aim to contribute to develop better Markets through the support of a more competitive private agro-sector by offering market and feasibility studies and links to markets.

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Norah Becerra

Norah Becerra

Senior Project Manager

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