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Bachelor of Science in Business Administration - Management, Philosophy & Economics (BSc)

Taught in German Language

The world is becoming more and more complex and is growing ever closer together. Decisions in business, politics and society have effects which, owing to the increasing interconnections, can only be analysed with great difficulty and discipline.

At the same time, the requirements for sustainable and commercially accepted solutions are increasing. The result: Managers must increasingly be able to obtain an effective overview of any given situation.

With the interdisciplinary Management, Philosophy & Economics concentration, you will be thoroughly prepared for a successful career in companies, associations, political parties and other organisations. You work with social correlations and lay the required philosophical foundation. Likewise, you receive a well-founded overview of classical management methods and economic principles.

Between business and intellectual

This confrontation between business and intellectual thought is an underlying theme of the entire concentration. You will consider current national and international problems from various perspectives and develop solution strategies which do justice to quite different worlds of values. Behind this, there is a central thought: Sustainable success is possible only upon the basis of moralistic dealings.

After you receive your degree, you will be well-prepared for diverse challenges in business, in public institutions or non-governmental organisations. The concentration Management, Philosophy & Economics – your entry into one of the most challenging working areas of the future.

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