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Doctoral Programme in Finance, Management & Accounting

Frankfurt School of Finance & Management’s Doctoral Programme offers candidates an internationally recognised academic education for a career in international academia. Commencing with one and a half years of intensive course work, the key objective of the programme is to enable doctoral students to write publication standard papers as early as possible.

Frankfurt School annually offers up to 10 doctoral scholarships for outstanding graduates.

Upon successful completion of the courses and writing high standard papers, Frankfurt School of Finance & Management awards a doctoral degree in economics, Doctor rerum politicarum or Dr. rer. pol., the German equivalent to the PhD. Doctoral candidates have the possibility to obtain a “Master of Business Research Analytics (MBRA)” after the second year of the programme.

"A well designed doctoral programme trains its participants in the traditions of their discipline in the hope that they will overcome them."



Prof. Dr. Hartmut Kliemt, Professor of Philosophy & Economics

Programme start 2017

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