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Student funding and scholarships

Tuition waiver

As a rule, doctoral candidates are expected to dedicate 100% of their time to their doctoral studies for the full four years of the programme. Upon application, doctoral students who devote themselves exclusively to research and their doctoral work, in other words, do not engage in any non-university employment, may be awarded a scholarship that covers their tuition fees (tuition waiver) when they are first accepted into the programme. From the second year onwards, doctoral students are requested to work as teaching assistants with an ancillary income of € 400.00 per month.


Every year, Frankfurt School awards up to 10 stipends to financially support doctoral candidates who are likely to produce outstanding results in the course of their doctoral studies. Stipends in the amount of €1,200 to assist with living expenses are paid monthly. The award of a stipend also exempts the award holders from tuition fees. The award decision is based exclusively on academic criteria. Initially, the stipend and tuition waiver are valid for a period of one year. This period is subsequently extended for an additional twelve months if the candidate continues to academically excel. The maximum funding period is limited to four years.

Tuition fee for first four semesters €32,500
Tuition Scholarships €32,500
Stipends (monthly) €1,200
Teaching Assistantship (monthly) €400