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Master of International Business (MA)

The bridge to international business

The Master of International Business (MIB) offers a unique opportunity for graduates with a diverse international background to leverage their knowledge and skills in the context of global business.


Kathrin Valder
Programme Director

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MIB: A unique opportunity

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Scope for individual choices and design of study profiles

The MIB programme offers a lot of opportunities for individual choices and independent design of study profiles. It is specifically designed to develop individual capabilities to act creatively and responsibly in international business and complex organisational and institutional settings.

The curriculum concentrates on general management topics, but combines them with learning experiences that emphasise teamwork, cross-cultural interactions, skills in compressing, analysing and communicating information, and knowledge management expertise.


“The interdisciplinary composition of the Master of International Business programme provides graduates with the necessary skills to cope with the variety of challenges faced. And this is especially true for interaction with other people, such as employees, colleagues or customers, and not only for technical or economic considerations.“

Karl-Philip Tengelmann Managing Director, Karl Kremer GmbH & Co. KG MIB Class of 2010

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