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Institute for International Health Management


The Institute for International Health Management (IIHM) at the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management is an internationally established centre of excellence for international health management. The research activities of the scientists at the IIHM above all focus on international aspects of conditions, structures and management approaches in the healthcare systems and the healthcare business. During the scientific research and as well in academic areas the centre works closely together with different corporate partners. Thanks to this co-operations, the practical needs of the health business play a central role.

Besides the research activities, the IIHM provides the opportunity for potential experts and managers to graduate in the MBA in International Healthcare Management. Furthermore the generation and grouping of scientific know-how in the area counts to International Health Management as well as to the construction of an international expert's network from science, research, practice, politics and associations. With this international and management oriented focus the institute owns a worldwide unique positioning.


General main research focus

Industrial Approaches for Healthcare Management

  • Deregulation, internationalization and privatization
  • Best Practices and performance management
  • Cooperation and value chain networks

Evaluation and priority setting in public healthcare

  • Cost-benefit-analysis and health technology assessmen
  • Pricing for pharmaceuticals
  • Medical ethics


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Rainer Sibbel

Rainer Sibbel

Professor of International Health Management

Institute for International Health Management

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