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Accreditations and certifications

Accreditation is a process of external review used in education to assess programmes and institutions for quality assurance and quality improvement. It is helpful in many aspects, from ensuring that students are learning relevant material to evaluating such things as student services, faculty qualifications, curricula, mission, governance, administration, institutional resources, and relationships with internal and external constituencies.

The process of accreditation provides Frankfurt School with an opportunity for critical self-analysis, and typically includes self-evaluations, peer-reviews and the review of strategic plans. In this way, it is an incentive for self-improvement and an opportunity for consultation and advice from experts of other institutions.

Institutional accreditations

Institutional accreditation is a review of our entire educational organisation in terms of mission and standards or criteria. It may be carried out by national or regional accrediting bodies, as well as international agencies, for example in a particular discipline (i.e. AACSB or EQUIS for business administration). These agencies perform a review of the entire university, from operating budgets to student services. In most cases, institutional accreditation must be maintained, meaning a school is reviewed every few years.

Currently, Frankfurt School has earned the following institutional accreditations:

Specialised or programme accreditations

Specialised accreditation is associated with the accreditation of our individual academic programmes. It is carried out by accrediting bodies that apply specific standards for curriculum and course content. These organisations undertake this responsibility in ways similar to institutional accreditors, requiring a self-study, a review by peers and a final verdict.

Currently, Frankfurt School’s programmes are accredited by the Foundation for International Business Administration Accreditation (FIBAA). The Master of Science in Auditing is accredited by AQAS.


Vocation and professional certifications verify a school’s quality of particular professional training programmes. Currently, Frankfurt School is certified by CERTQUA, EBTN and ZFU.


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