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As a forward-thinking organization, Frankfurt School maintains five-year strategic planning alongside its five-year financial plan. The Strategic Plan details Frankfurt School’s strategic goals in relationship to the mission over the five year period, with specific operational objectives and action items for a one-three year timeframe. Frankfurt School’s Strategic Plan conveys an understanding of Frankfurt School’s identity, activities and guiding values. It also supports the vision to become one of the leading business schools in Europe and the top choice for education in finance by 2020.

Frankfurt School is convinced that its strategic goals will move the school along the right path by accentuating its core products, i.e. education and education-related services. The goals, for the timeframe 2012-2017, include:

  • Maximize the Value of a Frankfurt School Education
  • Maximize the Value of Services for Corporate and Governmental Clients
  • Internationalize and Diversify Frankfurt School
  • Increase Total and High-Level Research Output
  • Create an Inclusive Learning Environment
  • Maintain Financial Stability

The strategic goals are reviewed each year by Frankfurt School’s Management Committee, and data on the fulfillment of the objectives in the plan are likewise collected and reviewed annually. With that, Frankfurt School is determined to make a strong impact on international society and, at the same time, respect its roots by upholding a commitment to bridge theory and practice.