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Application Deadline

The application deadline for the 2017/2018 AFFP cohort has passed and are overwhelmed by more than 150 applications. We will now carefully screen them and select the 18 most suitable candidates for the programme

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Fellowships will be awarded to outstanding young professionals who will be selected by Frankfurt School of Finance and Management and Thailand Development Research Institute (TDRI), supported by an advisory committee of internationally recognized experts in the field of climate adaptation and climate finance.

We encourage you to apply for the Adaptation Finance Fellowship Programme 2017/2018 if you…

  • in a business or policy related field or if you are a researcher in climate adaptation finance.
  • ...are a highly motivated and committed person from a developing / emerging country.
  • ...aim for an academic or professional career in adaptation finance.

Fellowships include

  • Participation in a Frankfurt School LinkEd e-learning certification coursefor climate adaptation professionals, the “Certified Expert in Climate Adaptation Finance”.
  • Participation in workshops and academies in Frankfurt and Bangkok, as well as webinars
  • Access to a mentorship programme and tutoring with internationally recognised experts in climate & adaptation finance.
  • Networking with other fellows and experts from around the world
  • Researchers only: non-refundable grant to conduct research on climate adaptation finance and publication opportunities
  • Business / Policy only: participation in academies on leadership skills in Frankfurt.

Participation in the Fellowship Programme is free of charge.

Tuition fees, training materials, transport to and from Frankfurt and Bangkok respectively,* facilities, accommodation in a single room (incl. full board) and social activities for all workshops and academies will be covered.
No honorarium will be offered.

Fellows will have to pay a deposit which will be reimbursed after the successful participation of the full fellowship programme.
Transportation has to be financed in advance by the fellows and will be reimbursed against receipt up to a fixed limit.

Programme dates for the first cohort 2017/2018

  • Fellowship duration: March 2017 – September 2018
  • Kick-off Workshop Frankfurt: March 2017
  • E-learning course: March 2017 – August 2017 (including final examination in mid-September 2017)
  • Summer Academy Frankfurt: September 2017
  • Winter Academy Frankfurt: February 2018
  • Final Workshop Bangkok: August/September 2018

Please also read the Terms and Conditions of the Fellowship Programme before starting your application.

Subject to change.

Schedule 2017/2018

AFFP 2017/2018 Schedule

AFFP 2017/2018 Schedule

Fellowship Programme Components

Selected fellows will pass through different capacity-building measures in order to develop their capacities in the field of adaptation finance as well as leadership:


The Certified Expert in Climate & Adaptation Finance e-learning course will provide fellows a comprehensive introduction to climate adaptation and climate adaptation finance. A detailed course outline will be available soon on the Frankfurt School LinkEd website

Research Grant

Research Fellows will receive a research grant of up to USD 16,000 for their research and will be assisted by a mentoring programme.


Kick-off and Final Workshops will take place in Frankfurt and Bangkok to enable fellows to discuss research ideas, present findings and jointly produce papers in partnership with other fellows or experts who are supporting the programme. Fellows from the first cohort 2017/2018 will have the opportunity to meet fellows from the second cohort 2018/2019 during their final workshop.

Summer Academy

During the 5-day Summer Academy, participants will analyse three to four adaptation finance topics from research, policy and business perspectives provided by experienced and acknowledged experts in the field. The Academy additionally provides a good platform for exchange between the fellows and other interested senior actors in the respective fields.

Winter Academy

The 3-day Winter Academy (policy and business tracks only) in Frankfurt, Germany is designed to harness leadership skills. This Academy will enable fellows to master the five essential leadership skills – team selection, team leadership, “self-leadership”, negotiation skills and moral integrity – needed to build strong and sustainable business models in emerging and developing countries.


Climate adaptation and adaptation finance are topics of great importance to a variety of stakeholders within the global climate change community. Through a periodical Webinar Series, fellows will be encouraged to discuss new topics and/or disseminate the research findings of the fellowship programme.

Fellowship Tracks

Three different tracks

To ensure and encourage stronger links between research, policy and private sector this fellowship programme is aiming at recruiting fellows from each of the three sectors. Fellows will be divided into three tracks:

Policy Track

The AFFP will provide policy makers profound knowledge about financing sources, instruments and actors as well as financing adaptation activities to advance understanding and effective decision making in the social, economic and institutional dimensions of adaptation finance.

Fellows are expected to be multipliers in their own country and to support the development of national policies in general and through the design of appropriate allocation and mobilization of national or international financial resources.


Applicants for the Policy track should fulfil the following requirements:

  • Youg and mid-career professionals primarily from the public sector
  • Hacing an academic degree, preferably in a subject related to adaptation, climate change, environment, economics, finance or business administration
  • Around 5 years of work experience in ate least one of the following sectors: water, agriculture, infrastructure / settlement sectors or insurances
  • Experience in accessing delivering and monitoring / evaluating adaptation finance at the international, national and subnational level.
  • Strong motivation and commitment to take responsibility and to stay with the programme.
  • Proficiency in English (both written and oral)

Business Track

The business track is designed for professionals with a background and work experience in the private sector, including microfinance, banking and insurance, project development or risk analysis. The AFFP offers business fellows the chance to build capacity and explore ways to exchange with the other fellows and trainers / mentors. The economic agents, or in other words, private sector firms and businesses are those who actually constitute the core of the transformation towards a low-carbon and climate resilient economy.

For this track, the Programme focuses on adaptation projects in water, agriculture, tourism, land use and infrastructure / settlement (including coastal zones) sectors and provides and enables the fellows to improve one’s skills, to learn from each other but also to develop and discuss new ideas in the area of adaptation and barriers to financing adaptation projects.


Business fellows have to fulfil at least the following requirements:

  • An academic degree, preferably in a subject related to adaptation, climate change, environment, economics, finance or business administration.
  • Around 5 years of work experience in the private sector, including those in SMEs, microfinance, banking and insurance institutions, project developer, risk analysts, CSR professionals, and NGOs.
  • Strong motivation and commitment to take responsibility and to stay with the programme.
  • Proficiency in English (both written and oral)

Research Track

The research track is targeted to early career researchers, such as PhD candidate, post-graduates and early career researchers from developing and emerging countries. The objective is to make sure that the young researchers are equipped with in-depth understanding of the mechanics of climate change adaptation and adaptation finance, particularly the knowledge and vision of how to support adaptation projects in their respective home countries.

Moreover, the AFFP provides these fellows with the opportunity to engage in a constructive dialogue with each other, which ultimately would result in a creation of network of well-versed researchers who are committed to adaptation finance. Fellows in the research track are required to discuss research ideas and present research papers to fellows from other tracks to link it to policy or business.


Applicants for the Research track should fulfil the following requirements:

  • Be a PhD candidate or a mid-career researcher working in climate change adaptation and/or finance at universities, public/private research institutes or action research NGOs
  • Strong motivation and commitment to take responsibility and to stay with the programme.
  • Proficiency in English (both written and oral)

Please also download the Budget Template before starting your application.


The application deadline for the 2017/2018 AFFP cohort has passed and are overwhelmed by more than 150 applications. We will now carefully screen them and select the 18 most suitable candidates for the programme.

How to apply for the AFFP:

If you want to apply for a fellowship in one of the three tracks you have to open the online application form available in the rifht sidebar at the buttom or at the buttom of this page and completely fill it. In the form you will have to answer the following questions on your motivation:

  • What is your motivation to apply for the AFFP? (Why do you apply for the AFFP? Which aspects of this programme are of most interest for you?) (max. 2000 characters)
  • Why would you say you are a good candidate for this programme? (max. 2000 characters)
  • What are your career plans after the AFFP and how does it help you to achieve them? (max. 1000 characters)
  • How would your country benefit from your participation in the AFFP? (max 1.000 characters).

Further, you will be asked to upload the following documents to complete your application:

  • CV: A detailed curriculum vitae indicating your academic and / or professional experience in Climate Adaptation Finance or related areas.
  • Supporting documentation, such as academic records, certificates, work letters. Please note that all of these supporting documents have to be attached as a single PDF file. You can use PDF24 Creator for that purpose.

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  • In addition, fellows for the research track must submit a research proposal providing a clear description of the issue to be investigated, the questions that will guide the research process, general and specific research objectives and in detail the research design and procedures to be followed to achieve each research objective. You have to sumit also aBudget Proposal. Please download the Budget Instructions here.
  • Copy of your passport, valid at least until September 2017

Please carefully read the Terms and Conditions before starting your application.

Please note: Submitted applications cannot be changed anymore! Only submit your application when you have completed it to your satisfaction.

Application Process

AFFP 2017/2018 - Application Process

AFFP 2017/2018 - Application Process

Technical Requirements

System Requirements

Technical requirements for AFFP participation

You need to have access to stable internet connection:

  • enabling downloads of PDF files and other files with a size up to 5 MB
  • solving online tests and online assignments
  • opening the forum
  • streaming the video and audio lectures


 Our online campus is best viewed with the following browsers:

  • Internet Explorer 10.0+
  • Mozilla Firefox 31.0+
  • Google Chrome 42.0+
  • Apple Safari 7.0+

The following browser settings have to be made:

  • activate JavaScript
  • allow pop-up-windows (for
  • activate Java
  • approve Cookies

Finally, you need to have an PDF-reader, for example the Adobe Reader, which you can download for free as well as an office software to be able to open MS-Word (.doc & .docx) and MS-Excel files (.xls & .xlsx). If you don't posses Microsoft Office you can download the free Open Office (

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact your AFFP Team at

Your Contact in Germany

Your Contact in Thailand