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The Frankfurt School Spirit Award

Frankfurt School students show enormous engagement besides their study time: by participating in student initiatives, by serving the student council, by acting as group speakers, by representing the school as an ambassador and in many other ways. Those students bring the Frankfurt School spirit and Honour Code to life. Frankfurt School wants to show its appreciation and recognition for this engagement and the time and energy students invest in everything they do outside their studies to make Frankfurt School a truly great place to be. This is why Frankfurt School has decided to set up a new award – the Frankfurt School Spirit Award!

The two awardees of the yearly FS Spirit Award are honoured as Frankfurt School role models. They are given their own spot on our Donor Wall and their names appear next to the names of illustrious companies, alumni and parents who have donated thousands – in some cases even millions – of euros to Frankfurt School.

The Awardees 2017

Dr. Brost, Head of Degree Programmes & Executive Education, with the two awardees

Dr. Brost, Head of Degree Programmes & Executive Education, with the two awardees

This year’s winners are Ann-Sophie Molter (Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Class of 2019) and Fabian Aymanns (Master in Management, Class of 2017).

Both have made an exceptional contribution to the society and the FS community. Their dedication and willingness to strengthen the Frankfurt School Student Life and go beyond that has been outstanding.

Their motivation, engagement and passion make them great Frankfurt School role models. Ann-Sophie and Fabian embody the Frankfurt School spirit and the Honour Code values. This engagement has convinced the Awarding Committee, which consists of representatives of the presidium, FS staff, the student council and alumni.

The applications for next year’s award will be open from March 2018 on.

The Honour Code

The Honour Code is defined by these five values:


Respect is extended to all members of the Frankfurt School community, its facilities and property, and embraces the principles of ethical academic conduct. This respect is also extended to other universities, where we take pride in representing Frankfurt School.


As a highly reputable business school, we rely on our student community to represent Frankfurt School with dignity and pride. We strive to make responsible contributions to society. This strong sense of responsibility and social engagement is essential to Frankfurt School’s continuing development, growth and success.


Student life at Frankfurt School is an unforgettable experience and flourishes as a direct result of individual contributions. By helping others with their questions or concerns, representing your class as a group speaker, participating in one of our student initiatives or serving on the student council, you help to make our student culture vivid and diverse. There are many ways to engage with and shape our community.


Mutual trust is the foundation of a functional student body at Frankfurt School and the key to our sense of identity. We trust each other to show respect towards fellow students, faculty members, staff and property. Our trust in one another is essential for the dynamic collaboration that helps us to achieve our academic goals and foster Frankfurt School’s values both within and outside our community. Trust in each other plays a vital part in creating an environment in which we can learn, safely fail and successfully grow to reach our full potential.


As lifelong members of the Frankfurt School community, we are always aware that we share common goals and interests, and that respectful collaboration and a strong sense of fairness are essential for studying, working and living together. We value and promote an open and mutually supportive atmosphere in which every voice is heard and teamwork is strongly encouraged.