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Frankfurt am Main, 20.09.2017 12:00:00

Lecturer for Operations Management in our Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

The module belongs to the core curriculum of the BSc in Business Administration. This course is about how companies can design their operations to better match supply with demand and thereby gain a significant competitive advantage over its rivals. A better match of supply and demand can be achieved by using an adequate set of operations management tools, more specifically, by implementing rigorous quantitative models and well-understood qualitative operational strategies. This course introduces a broad range of operations management tools and aims at teaching the participants how and when to apply them in practical settings.

  1. Process View
  2. Sailboat Game
  3. Evaluating Process Capacity
  4. Estimating and Reducing Labor Cost
  5. Batching and Other Flow Interruptions
  6. Variability - Waiting Time Problems
  7. Variability - Throughput Losses
  8. Quality Management
  9. Lean Operations and the Toyota Production System
  10. Betting on Uncertain Demand: The Newsvendor Model
  11. Assemble-to-Order, Make-to-Order and Quick Response
  12. Service Levels and Lead Times in Supply Chains: The Order-up-to Model

We teach this course to small groups of usually up to 40 students. Teaching language is English. The course is based on the following textbook: Cachon/Terwiesch: Matching Supply with Demand – An Introduction to Operations Management, 3rd edition, McGraw-Hill, 2013. We will provide standardized material (slides, practice problems, serious games).

As a lecturer, you are either qualified through your research or your professional experience. As a researcher, you will have a doctorate and regularly publish in your field of expertise. As a professional, you have a track record of several years at senior level. Prior teaching experience in higher education is desirable. We expect you to have an excellent knowledge of English.

Are you interested in teaching a group of highly motivated students at a leading Business School? We look forward to receiving your application.



Number of hours:     

44 academic hours (of 45 minutes each) in eleven sessions

Time frame:

November/December 2017