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Welcome to FS

Frankfurt School is a community of aspiring and inspiring individuals. This spirit is present in our Student Life; in our various student initiatives, sport & business contests and other shared projects and events. There's always something happening at Frankfurt School - join us and experience the Student Life! Your involvement and contribution makes Frankfurt School a truly great and special place to be.

We want to show our appreciation to those students who bring the Frankfurt School spirit and values to life – students who fill this community with pride, courage, respect and responsibility. Therefore, the winners of each year’s FS Spirit Award get their own spot on our donor wall where their names will appear next to the names of illustrious alumni, parents and companies.

Student Initiatives

Career & Special Interest

Art in all its facets is the mission of our artistic initiative. Sculptures, paintings, photography and film, digital art and paintings – the creative initiative does its best in the effort in order to offer a varied program to the participants: From young artists to hobby painters, everyone finds their place in this open initiative where it is not about productivity but relaxation between lectures and scripts.


FS Championship coordinates the participation of our sports initiatives in sports competitions among European business schools, such as the ''WHU Euromasters" or "Bucerius Law School Champions Trophy". The goal is assure the participation of Frankfurt School and its sports teams at these tournaments. Successful participation here is characterized not only by sporting success, however, but also by a lot of fun at the events that characterizes the sport spirit. Therefore the annual "Spirit Award" is an international object of desire.

FS Community

FS Ambassador

The FS Ambassador programme is one of the largest student initiatives on campus. FS students can become FS Ambassadors and represent Frankfurt School at local high schools, at major events such as the FS Bachelor Day or FS Career Day as well as at fairs all over Germany. Through this programme, students improve their presentation and communication skills and have the possibility to share their experiences and the Frankfurt School spirit with future students.

FS Buddy

FS Buddy is an international student initiative with the goal to welcome and integrate international exchange students in the student life at Frankfurt School. Thus, FS Buddy connects international exchange students with students of Frankfurt School at different events. By participating, students can learn about various cultures from around the world in a direct exchange.

FS International

You are an international Student living in Germany? Or maybe you are a German student seeking international exposure? If so, FS International is your initiative!

Among our goals is to:

  • Create opportunity for students to practice English and German in a safe Environment;
  • Share insights on Business, education, employment and life Overall worldwide;
  • Ensure an increased Information flow from the open Events, which have the misfortune of being in the language a Student has not mastered yet;
  • Properly introduce students to Frankfurt (we are welcome everyone to share their knowledge on the recently created Frankfurt am Mein LocalWiki)
FS Event

FS Event organizes all kinds of events related to Frankfurt School like the Chill&Grills, Welcome Back Partys, Public Viewings and Welcome Days. This student initiative does not only bring you in touch with other students and alumni, but also with our faculty. We work together with a lot of different departments at Frankfurt School and are proud to be in charge of many events. Be an active part of the exciting student life on our campus!

FS Scholar

FS Scholar offers information and assistance to students interested in receiving a scholarship by one of the thirteen foundations in Germany. The students get the opportunity to talk to current scholars of each respective foundation and can receive hands-on experience and advice by those who already successfully completed the interviewing process and assessment centers.

Social Engagement

FS Buddy is an international student initiative with the goal to welcome and integrate international exchange students in the student life at Frankfurt School. Thus, FS Buddy connects international exchange students with students of Frankfurt School at different events. By participating, students can therefore learn about various cultures from around the world in a direct exchange.


FS Basketball

The FS Basketball initiative has already existed for several years now - a long time during which we were able to win some trophies as well. For example we recently got one for taking the third place at "WHU Euromasters", the biggest sports event for European Business Schools. But it isn't all about winning in this program. We are here to have some fun after a long day at work or university. It doesn't matter whether you are an advanced player or a greenhorn. We welcome everybody who has passion for our game or wants to discover his passion for it.

FS Championship

The FS Championship Board organizes the participation of Frankfurt School students at various national and international sport tournaments between leading European business schools. Our aim is to keep up our successful participation at the Bolzano Snowdays, the Royals Cup Maastricht, the Championstrophy and the WHU Euromasters. Of course we are open to participate in other tournaments too.

Board members are responsible for communicating with Frankfurt School participants and staff as well as with the event's organizers. The most important task is to find a team that lives the FS Spirit and is willing to give 100% to win the Spirit Trophy at the WHU Euromasters, which is awarded for exceptional team spirit and general outperformance in cheering for our sport teams and partying.

We equip participants with FS gear, organize pre-events, create the spirit movies and ensure that every participant has an unforgettable experience at the tournaments.

FS Cheerleading

As FS Cheerleaders, we do not only practice choreographies consisting of stunts, acrobatics and dances to perform at big sports events such as the Euromasters and the Champions Trophy.  It is also our job to support and cheer on the other sports teams of FS during these events. The team does not only consist of girls, however. In order to perform our stunts, we also need strong boys to lift the girls.

If you enjoy dancing, doing acrobatics or stunting and would like to try out something new or simply improve certain skills (like tumbling, for example), you are more than welcome to join the tryout sessions that we host at the beginning of each semester!

FS Chess

At FS Chess, we improve our analytical skills by solving chess puzzles, working on tactics problems and analyzing middle game and endgame positions. This initiative takes place in a relaxing and friendly atmosphere in which some hard-fought blitz battles and tournaments take place every now and then. Players of all levels are welcome; do not hesitate to come by!

FS Handball

FS Handball provides a platform for students, willing to participate at regular handball training sessions, as well as competitive sport events.

FS Hockey

Our team was founded in 2015 and consists of a broad variety of different experience levels. In 2015, we reached the semi-finals at the Championstrophy in Hamburg and began regular training sessions afterwards. Currently, the Hockey initiative unifies a lot of great athletes of our university to a well competitive team. Our enthusiasm and spirit is huge and we welcome any player, who has marginal experience in field or indoor hockey.

FS Judo

Judo is a modern, refined form of Jujitsu developed in the late 1800's by professor Jigoro Kano. The approach of Judo isn´t to overcome an oncoming force; it teaches that it is more efficient to move opponents into a bad position and to use a technique rather than just using strength. Techniques are permitted for usage in competitions including throws, joint locks, chokes, and pins. These techniques are equally applicable for self-defense purposes.
Interested students can join with or without any knowledge of Judo. Everyone is welcome to participate!

FS Rowing

Rowing Bulls - The official Rowing initiative of Frankfurt School was founded in the spring of 2015 for beginners and experienced rowers alike. We train at "Frankfurt Ruder-Club 1884 e.V." which offers courses for beginners and normal training for the experienced rowers. We participate at the WHU Euromasters in Vallendar and the Champions Trophy in Hamburg with a Coxed Four. In 2015 we won the third place in both events and in 2016 we were first place at the Champions Trophy. We are being sponsored by Erdinger Alkoholfrei since October 2015.

FS Running

You like running, but it's hard for you to motivate yourself? It's fun for you to train together with other students? FS Running would love to welcome you in our group. Once a week we meet at the FS campus to start from there a run around the Main. Our group consists of beginners as well as professional runners.

FS Soccer

Naturally, the world's most popular sport may not be missing at Frankfurt School. Players of every level can join to play and also to get to know fellow students with similar interests. As a highlight of the semester, the best players form a team to represent Frankfurt School at tournaments against business schools from all over Europe. Our team has often been able to reach one of the top three places.

FS Volleyball

We are a sport initiative of FS and play volleyball together, mostly indoor volleyball. Everybody is invited to join no matter which level of experience. We normally play in a mixed team (men and woman) and often participate at sport events such as the WHU Euromasters. 

FS Student Consulting

Who we are

Frankfurt School Student Consulting is an official subsidiary of Frankfurt School of Finance & Management and listed company in the German trade register. Currently, we have 40 members, all highly-motivated students of Frankfurt School with various backgrounds across all levels of study.

What we do

The basic goal of our business venture is to provide students a better understanding of what the life as consultant looks like. Herein, you will be able to get a grasp of various aspects of consulting, such as assembling project proposals, working on acquired projects in project teams, or managing business-internal operations. Given the nature of our small business, motivated students will be able to quickly rank up. This means that you will pitch in front of the client, manage projects and meet with the client face-to-face, or even take the lead of internal departments or the entire business.

Who we are looking for

We are looking for students of any study and study type. Your motivation and your dedication are more important to us than your CV or your grades. Proficiency in the German language is currently a necessity, as the majority of our clients do not prefer to operate in English. However, this might change in the future.

Why us

You will be able to work in a start-up like environment within the consulting industry. Your motivation will lead the business to success, winning over projects, impressing clients, and refining your resume. Furthermore, given our exclusive partnerships with established consultancies (e.g. Big Four giants and Strategy Consulting firms), you will be able to directly connect with consultants and recruiters of attractive firms. Hence, you will be able to easily pave the way to your personal success. In addition to that, you will have access to the growing FS-SC alumni network, with members currently working at BCG, Roland Berger, Oliver Wyman or Deloitte.

How to join

At the beginning of each semester, we host a company presentation at the FS campus. We will then announce the application deadline for the next interviewing session (usually a few weeks after the event). Within the application process, you will submit a resume and will be interviewed in a consulting-like manner. 

Our website

Sport & Business Competitions

Sport Competitions

The student initiative FS Championship coordinates the participation of our sports initiatives in sports competitions among European business schools, such as the '

  • WHU Euromasters
  • Bucerius Law School Champions Trophy
  • Royals Cup Maastricht

The goal is to assure the participation of Frankfurt School and its sports teams at these tournaments. Successful participation here is characterized not only by sporting success, however, but also by a lot of fun at the events that characterizes the sport spirit. Therefore the annual "Spirit Award" of each event is an international object of desire.

Student Council


The StuCo charter states that there should be two student speakers, two treasurers, two project managers, two initiative managers and one social media manager.

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Besides the mentioned regular positions, the StuCo also represent student’s interests in many committees at Frankfurt School, for instance when dealing with scholarships, the appointment of new faculty members or the organization of examinations. Just to name a few concrete examples, they represent the students in the “Fakultätsrat / faculty council”, the “Prüfungsausschuss akademische Studiengänge / faculty committee of academic programs”, the “Berufungskommissionen / appellate commission” and the “Förderausschuss / supporting committee”.

The Election

All enrolled students have the possibility to become a member of the StuCo. In February of each year students can sign up as a candidate. The election will be online and the results will be announced during a General Student Assembly in March or April. 


After the election we allocated the positions within the student council. Our charter states that we should have two Speakers, two Treasurers, two Project Managers, two persons in charge of the initiatives, one IT Manager and one person responsible for our communications.

The two speakers run the Student Council and are responsible that all work gets done. This means that you are going through dozens of emails and enquiries each week finding out whether these are of importance or not. Students and faculty as well as businesses and organizations are contacting us, asking for advice, support or are just suggesting new ideas.

The two Project Managers plan and realize the projects and events on campus. This includes the parties and “chill & grills” in cooperation with FS Event, the “Hello for Beginners-Day (HfB-Day)”, the “Nacht der Wissenschaft / Night of science” as well as smaller projects with the purpose of increasing the quality of your time at Frankfurt School.

Increasingly important become the two persons in charge of the initiatives. Therefore we topped up this position with a third person and integrated communication into their set of responsibilities. We strongly believe that this is essential to serve our growing network of initiatives and strengthen our communication with the students. Also, we are looking forward to changes regarding the social credit point system over the summer.

Within the first month we reformed our Treasury department. The two treasurers will not be using the old, slow and hardly controllable way over manual bank transfers with a separate account anymore. The StuCo now possesses a cost center of Frankfurt School and all payments as well as our annual financial statement will be processed by the Frankfurt School accounting system. The entire reimbursement process and the way how invoices are treated became faster, safer and after all more comprehensible for the Supervisory Board.

Last but not least, we have our IT department which is responsible for Facebook groups such as FS Students and FS Wohnungsbörse, the FS StuCo Facebook account, the Google drive folders as well as any IT related problems or wishes. During the last weeks we were not only pushing for a feedback poll regarding our new Online campus, we also doubled your storage capacity in the “” mail accounts.


Personally, I started into this year’s Student Council with a lot of plans and ideas on how to make our work more transparent and our processes easier and faster. So this year we are facing a big transition besides engaging for the students’ needs and desires.  We started with the election online, but additionally we want to rewrite our constitution since the last one from 2011 is more than outdated and does not represent a leading business school as Frankfurt School is. We also want to improve a lot of the processes we were using in the previous years.

We started with the Treasury system and got rid of the old, time consuming way using our own bank account and excel calculations for the annual financial settlement. We are currently working on an HTML designed “FS Weekly” to keep you updated at every time. Additionally, we enhanced our internal communication by using Asana to track all our work. Moreover we were striving for a replacement of our Social Credit System since the existing one caused more trouble than being helpful and expressive. We will keep you in the loop on this as well as on our new events like the Welcome Day as a compensation to our beloved HfB-Day.

Another big project is the finished shell construction of our new campus at Adickesallee 32-34. As we want to ensure the best campus experience for all our future students, the StuCo visited the areal, getting a personal tour from the project director Mr. Klaus Ringsleben. We had a close eye on the new facilities and gave our comments on the prospective lecture rooms, study rooms, the library, the canteen and many other establishments.

The day after we met Prof. Dr. Steffens, Prof. Dr. Grote, Dr. Brost and Dr. Antz for lunch and told them about our thoughts and opinions. Let me tell you that it will be fantastic to study at our new campus. In the last four years I really learned to love our old campus, but the new one is simply more than state-of-the-art.

To come to an end, we want to emphasize that if you have any needs, wishes or desires, do not hesitate to shoot us an email. We need your collaboration because only together we can sustain and strengthen a group identity and experience our time at FS in the best way possible.


Your student council
Study programme
Ulrich Wiebach MiM Speaker
Victoria (Xiang) Li MoF Co-Speaker
Ekin Akkaya BWL Projects & Events
Clara Wienhold MPE Projects & Events
Christian des Pallieres MoF Treasury
Rishabh Jain MiM Treasury
Lynn Cunningham BIM Initiatives & Social Media
Johannes Bösch MPE Initiatives
Matija Ranogajec MiM Initiatives


Health & Safety

Solution Focused Counselling (SFC)

Fear of a forthcoming exams, pressure to perform, fear of failure, social tensions … such stressful situations can lead you to feel like it is impossible to see the forest for the trees. These problems are commonplace and each of us experiences them to one extent or another. Nevertheless, you do need to find a solution on your own. 

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During our Solution Focused Counselling our consultant supports you in analyzing and using your strengths. We accompany you in situations which are difficult for you; we discuss your problem and develop realistic and practical solutions together with you. The counselling is bound to an oath of secrecy and is free of charge for students from Frankfurt School.

Learn more about the counselling in our blog post.

Psychological counselling

Sometimes you reach a point in your course of studies where the university is no longer able to help you despite its many advice services. Illnesses, whether physical or mental, can be such a situation. 

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In case of psychological problems (for example study-related stress or burn out- situations and psychological or physical illness impacting externally on your studying (relationships, friendships, family, professional environment) Frankfurt School of Finance & Management offers as a special service to its students a free initial visit to one of three cooperation practices in Frankfurt and Offenbach. 


Disabled Students

Consultation for students with disabilities respectively chronical diseases

The representative for disabled students supports the interests of disabled students and students with chronical diseases at Frankfurt School of Finance & Management.

This is an offer for students with classical handicaps (e.g. disabilities) but also to students with special handicaps (e.g. dyslexia, AD(H)S, chronically diseases and mentally illnesses).

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If you have questions or suggestions concerning your studies and your individual situation, you are welcome to ask for advice about:

  • Your individual study organisation
  • Disadvantage compensation for examinations / Assessment center
  • Study breaks because of periods of longer illness
  • Other topics

This offer of advice is additional and free of charge for students at Frankfurt School of Finance & Management. Students of Bachelor, Master or Advanced Trainings are welcome to get in contact with Viola Nimmerrichter.