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02. - 06. October 2017

Target group

Learning target


Concept & Agenda

Day 1: Monday

The Impact of Leaders

  • A brief synopsis of the theory of leadership
  • Distinguish between Leadership and Management
  • Leadership Styles


Communication as a Leader

  • Drivers of Employee engagement
  • Non-verbal communication
  • Managing Performance
  • Effective Questioning

Day 2: Tuesday

Change Management

  • Understand Roadblocks to Change
  • Select an appropriate Leadership Style
  • Enhance Innovation and Organizational Learning


Performance Management/Rewards System

  • Setting and communicating targets
  • Managing and monitoring performance
  • Motivating Employees
  • Evaluation and Feedback

Day 3: Wednesday

Developing your own Leadership Capabilities

  • The Concept and Dimensions of Transformational Leadership
  • Identify your Transformational Leadership Capabilities
  • The Multifactor Leadership Questionnaire


Intercultural Negotiations

  • Understand Cross-Cultural Differences
  • Strategies for Negotiations
  • Case Studies

Day 4: Thursday

Team Management

  • Building Trust, Commitment, and Accountability
  • Transformational Team Leadership and Empowerment
  • Implementing Transformational Leadership


Conflict Management

  • Managing difficult situations
  • Self-Awareness techniques /Role Play
  • How to handle difficult Situations and avoid conflicts

Day 5: Friday

Team Building Activities

Presentation Skills Training


Developing Action Plans

Functional Questions

Organisation & Booking