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Be prepared for the digital era!

Understanding current developments and the best practices is indispensable for gaining competitive advantages. The 5-day-programme “Strategic Operations” consists of state of the art concepts and techniques for improving underlying processes.

Strategic Operations are streamlined operational business processes such as the transformation process or B2B-relationships that support your company’s competitive strategy. By joining this programme, you will be prepared for future challenges such as the digital era. All modules are exclusively offered by highly experienced professors of Frankfurt School over a period of five weeks.


Target Group

Managers with an academic degree (in management or related fields) that want to deepen their knowledge in strategic operations.

Lessons learned

After completing this programme you will…

  • know about the strategic role of operations and its contribution for improving your company’s strategic position
  • be able to understand supply chains and the strategic role of supply chain management
  • capture the potential of Digital Transformation and ‘Industrie 4.0’
  • have a substantial comprehension of Operational Excellence for improving strategic operations
  • be able to understand the potential of Digital Marketing and Innovation Management for a better customer understanding
  • know how to control and manage your business effectively by goals-oriented performance measurement

Target Group

Programme Highlights
  • Challenging content and intensive discussions
  • Interactive sessions with leading academics
  • Peer networking with top management

Participants will be able to:

  • effectively align operations to business strategy and improve efficiency.
  • analyze supply chain risks for gaining competitive advantage.
  • apply techniques of Digital Transformation and `Industrie 4.0’ for streamlining the own business.
  • use methods of Digital Marketing for better reaching the customer.
  • apply elements of Operational Excellence for developing strategic resources in operations.
  • use innovation management for profitable growth.
  • Implement a goal-oriented performance measurement system and prevent typical managerial flaws.


Time Model

The five modules will be offered within one semester (always on a Friday from 9 am - 5 pm).

  • Operations Strategy & Operational Excellence: 13.01.2017
  • Strategic Supply Chain Management: 20.01.2017
  • Digital Marketing & Innovation Management: 27.01.2017
  • Performance Management: 03.02.2017
  • Digital Transformation & 'Industrie 4.0': 10.02.2017



FS Campus
Frankfurt am Main, Germany




6,950 EUR

(including all five modules)

Programme overview

M1: Operations Strategy & Operational Excellence 

Prof. Dr. Jörn-Henrik Thun

  • Dynamics of operations strategy
  • Missing link: Defining an operations strategy
  • Essential concepts of Operations Management
  • Striving for Operational Excellence

M2: Strategic Supply Chain Management

Prof. Dr. Mirko Kremer

  • Linking Supply Chain Strategy to Performance
  • Managing Online and Offline Channels
  • Mitigating Supply Chain Risk

M3: Digital Marketing & Innovation Management

Prof. Dr. Christian Schulze / Prof. Dr. Philipp Sandner

  • Analysing breakthrough innovations
  • Managing innovations effectively
  • Understanding the customer’s value
  • Reaching the customer through Digital Marketing

M4: Performance Management

Prof. Dr. Martin Artz / Prof. Dr. Matthias Mahlendorf

  • Aligning performance management with strategy
  • Measuring value creation
  • Predictive Business Analytics
  • Fatal flaws and pitfalls of performance management

M5: Digital Transformation & ‚Industrie 4.0’

Prof. Dr. Daniel Beimborn / Prof. Dr. Jörn-Henrik Thun

  • Essentials of Digital Business
  • Preparing a company for Digital Transformation
  • Making use of ‚Industrie 4.0’