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Target Group

The course is designed for senior foreign exchange and money market dealers, corporate and bank treasurers as well as senior operations staff or any financial markets professional who need to get a profound understanding of Advanced Derivatives.


Learning Target

Participants will learn how to deal with advanced derivatives across asset classes in terms of pricing, hedging, risk management and documentation. They will recognize products, trading strategies, develop an understanding how to decompose complex structures into simple building blocks, and know when such decomposition is not possible. Participants will know the relevance of pricing models, how they are used and what their limitations are. Key to dealing advanced derivatives is evaluating the volatility smile surface and classifying different sources of risk. Additionally, participants will learn which market data is relevant for pricing a pre-specified transaction.


Lecture, discussion, individual and group exercises, case studies


5 Days


  • Volatility Surfaces & Smile Construction

  • First Generation Exotics: Products, Pricing & Hedging

  • Most Relevant Models in Derivative Valuation

  • Single Underlying Derivatives Beyond First Generation Exotic Options

  • Multi Asset Derivatives

  • Long Term Options & Hybrids

Price includes full board accommodation. Group discount of 10 % in case of two or more participants per company and date. Early bird discount of 10 % in case of registration three months before (only one discount may be used).

Technical Questions