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Frankfurt am Main, 05.03.2015 12:00:00

On Tuesday, February 17, the first Chapter Meeting Frankfurt of the Global Association of Risk Professionals (GARP) of 2015 took place at Frankfurt School of Finance & Management. The Chapter Meeting included the FRM|ERP Recognition Ceremony and brought together risk professionals in the Rhine-Main region.

Markus Quick, GARP Chapter Director and Managing Partner of Dr. Peter & Company AG, welcomed the guests and hosted the evening. Professor Dr Martin Hellmich, Karl Friedrich Hagenmüller Professor of Management Practice in Financial Risk Management at Frankfurt School, gave a talk on „Counterparty Credit Risk and Collateral Management in the light of Basel III, Basel III.5 and EMIR“. Here he discussed the consequences of different reform and regulation initiatives for the derivate markets, with a special focus on „Counterparty Credit Risk“.

The following discussion and reception offered opportunities to dive further into the topic and to network with fellow GARP members.

About GARP

GARP is the largest global organisation for risk managers in the finance sector. It aims to raise risk awareness in the corporate world. The global standards GARP certifies are Financial Risk Management (FRM) and Energy Risk Management (ERM). Frankfurt School was the first university in Germany to be awarded an Academic Partnership, certifying the coverage of 70 per cent of GARP FRM’s learning goals. “The demand of well-educated risk managers is rising, due to the aftermath of the financial crisis,” explains Professor Dr Natalie Packham, Assistant Professor of Quantitative Finance at Frankfurt School.