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Frankfurt am Main, 18.05.2015 12:00:00

On Friday, May 8, 2015, Frankfurt School president Professor Dr Udo Steffens, presented the sponsorship awards made by the Interessengemeinschaft Frankfurter Kreditinstitute (IFK) – an interest group of Frankfurt-based banks – to the year’s top-scoring graduates, all of whom had studied for Bachelor degrees in Management, Philosophy & Economics. He presented the awards on behalf of Dr Jürgen Ziebe, Managing Director of Bankenverband Hessen e.V., who was unable to attend the ceremony.

This year’s winners are Sarah-Lea Effert, Maximilian Voigt and Paul Roman Bose, with theses on “Freedom of Choice – What For? Looking at Feminist Perspectives on Preferences and Autonomy”, „Glass Cliff - Evidence from German Companies“ and „Network Formation in Contests - An Experimental Assessment".