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Frankfurt am Main, 13.10.2015 12:00:00

On Thursday, October 8, 2015, Professor Dr Udo Steffens, president of Frankfurt School of Finance & Management, welcomed the new intake of the Frankfurt MBA, Frankfurt School’s full-time MBA. The 47 students come from 22 different nations: Austria, Bolivia, Brazil, China, Columbia, Egypt, Ethiopia, Finland, Germany, Honduras, India, Macedonia, Mexico, Nigeria, Peru, Portugal, Russia, Slovenia, South Korea, Spain, Syria and the United States. Their professional background is also diverse, with students coming from energy, IT or finance companies as well as non-profit organisations or the healthcare industry.

Professor Dr. Horst Löchel, Programme Director of the Frankfurt MBA and Professor of Economics at Frankfurt School, greeted the new students on their first day and explained the MBA programme that they will complete over the next 15 months.

Professor Dr. Dr. h.c. Rolf D. Cremer, Academic Advisor of Frankfurt School’s MBA programme, spoke of the different phases in the life of an MBA student. He also stressed the importance of connecting with business. After a short introduction of typical German habits and the cultural offerings of Frankfurt, the students received additional input on the offers of Frankfurt School’s career services and the alumni management.

The theme of the weekend that the group spent in Rückersbach, together with their Programme Director Professor Dr Horst Löchel, was teambuilding. The new MBAs got to know their fellow students during various challenges in the outdoor parkour of their leadership camp. They had to find their way being blindfolded and competed against other teams in transporting balls through a system of tubes. The experiences are designed to help the students trust