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Frankfurt am Main, 25.04.2016 12:00:00

Fundación Espoir is a microfinance institution (MFI) in Ecuador and a long-term client of Frankfurt School’s subsidiary FS Financial Services. The MFI provides an individual microloan product and financial services to small entrepreneurs, specifically for women entrepreneurs in rural and marginal urban areas. It also offers education and health care services.

Due to the terrible earthquake that hit Ecuador on April 16, the MFI, its staff as well as clients are suffering badly. Homes and branches are damaged or completely destroyed; family members and colleagues are injured, they died or are still missing; some businesses are completely lost.
Since Fundación Espoir was founded 14 years ago, it has been hugely successful in advising Ecuadorians in setting up and running small businesses and thereby in showing them ways to get out of poverty.

Now, the effects of this sustainable work and the prospects of Ecuadorians so far benefitting from microloans are at great risk. Thus, the MFI calls its staff, cooperation partners and friends to collaborate and support the Ecuador’s micro entrepreneurs to get back on track.

Fundación Espoir quickly needs to get back into full operation, restore its infrastructure and advise clients. Please make a donation, so Fundación Espoir can cover the financing of damages and losses of personal property among staff and clients.

Fundación Espoir has a bank account in Germany:

                          IBAN: DE56 3606 0295 0035 0420 24
          Beneficiary: ESPOIR Fundación para el Desarrollo Integral
                                     BIC: GENODED1BBE
                           Bank: Bank im Bistum Essen eG