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Frankfurt am Main, 25.10.2016 01:00:00

On Friday, 14th October 2016, the official kick-off for the project “Enable a Child” took place at Frankfurt School of Finance & Management. The project is initiated and driven by the EMBAssadors, a new charity initiative of current EMBA students at Frankfurt School.

Through “Enable a Child” Frankfurt School EMBA students want to help easing the pain of children who are directly and personally suffering the consequences of the war in Syria. Many of them are physically disabled as a result of the war. The EMBA class 2017 hopes to support them by financing and supplying much-needed prosthetics and artificial limbs.

The EMBAssadors were able to win the commitment of the Otto Bock Global Foundation. “In the beginning, when we thought about helping, it was hard to imagine how our charity idea could work”, class speaker Daniel Hirschberg said. “Now it does, thanks to Otto Bock Global Foundation.” The German company Otto Bock is a highly innovative global leader in the health care industry. Investing immensely in research and development, Otto Bock provides state-of-the art services and innovative products to the disabled.

Frankfurt School EMBA students were delighted to welcome Karl-Heinz Burghardt to the kick-off for “Enable a Child”. He is Otto Bock’s Managing Director for Eastern European-MiddleEast-Africa and President of the Otto Bock Global Foundation. According to him, “the benefit of the initiative is visible and understandable”.

Already in 2013, Mohammed Alkassar from the EMBA class of 2017 had contributed to an artificial limb for a Syrian boy who had lost his leg through an attack in the war. Afterwards, Mohammed Alkassar had received a short letter from the boy: “Thank you, I can stand!” These five words have inspired the whole class to find a way to support and help more children. Angela Ibald-Mulli, a fellow student of Mohammed Alkassar, supported the project with her knowledge of the Healthcare & Pharmaceutical industry and made a major contribution to its success.