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Frankfurt am Main, 21.11.2017 12:00:00

Students of the Executive EMBA of Frankfurt School of Finance & Management have initiated a “Class of” donation to support the Business school’s new campus. Laura Massilamany and Alexandar Zjacic came up with the idea and started a crowdfunding campaign. The objective was to raise 1,000 euros for the new campus among all students of their EMBA Class. After only a few days, the group met their objective and perpetuated themselves as the “EMBA Class of 2018” on the Donor Wall. Therewith the students left a memory before they will graduate in May 2018.

When Laura Massilamany heard about the possibility to make a class donation towards Frankfurt School she was convinced that it would be a great opportunity for the class to show their commitment to the Business school. “We wanted to leave a collective memory and inspire other classes”, Laura Massilamany reports. “As a class we are very united and that helped our project”, she continues. “The fundraising project was a good thing. We asked everyone to give a little more and encouraged them to meet the objective”, remembers EMBA student Boris Marovic, who also made a contribution.

The EMBA-students are happy about the “EMBA Class of 2018” plaque on the donor wall and hope that many classes will follow suit and support Frankfurt School’s campus.