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Bachelor Day

We invite you to meet us in person and learn more about our Bachelor programmes. At our Open Day, you will find everything you need to know about admission requirements, language skills, entry tests, and experiences from current students. Students will share their experience and perspectives openly.

Don't forget to experience the Frankfurt School classroom culture by attending a trial lecture on campus and use the opportunity to engage directly with professors to get a feel for the teaching at our business school.

Next Bachelor Day

Date: April 29, 2017 | Time: 10:00 - 16:00 | Place: FS Campus

Trial Lectures

Are you curious about life at Frankfurt School? Why not stop by and experience a regular day for yourself! You can take part in a regular lecture during term time from March to May or September to November. Feel free to contact our team to arrange a visit, including a guided tour of the campus.

Preparatory Course in Mathematics

Refresh your math and prepare for your studies.
  • Sets and set operations
  • Numbers and basics of arithmetic: powers, roots and logarithms; absolute value, maximum and minimum
  • Basic concepts of combinatorics; Factorials and binomial coefficients
  • Calculating with capital-sigma and capital-pi notation for sums and products; frequently used formulas for particular sums
  • Transformation of terms; solving selected equations and inequations
  • Functions of one real variable

Quantitative analysis

is a core component of the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration at Frankfurt School. Even during the first two semesters students are introduced to advanced topics in the modules "Mathematics" and "Stochastics". This requieres a good understanding and advanced level knowledge of mathematics, as well as mastery of elementary mathematical concepts and calculation techniques.

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Practice shows that there may be significant gaps between school mathematics and the demands of the module. This is the starting point for the preparatory course in mathematics. In a compact form, elementary and some fundamental concepts and techniques of applied (business) mathematics and stochastics are provided, refreshed and practised.

A basic understanding of the topics covered in the preparatory course is the basis for successful participation in the modules “Mathematics” and “Stochastics”.

Duration and date: 4 days (20. - 23.08.2018)
Location: Frankfurt
Language: German or English
Lead by: Dr. Andreas Görg
Costs: 395 €

The preparatory course in mathematics is open to all students who have an admission to the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration at Frankfurt School for the start of the 2018 study programme and have already concluded a study contract.

You will be able to register starting from November 2017. Available places are limited. *The fee is payable upon registration.

* We reserve the right not to hold the preparatory course in the event of low demand

Parents' Programme

In the Frankfurt School Parents' Programme you will have the opportunity of supporting your daughter or son before, but also during their study time, and of benefitting from the comprehensive advisory services of the Frankfurt School. In parent’s evenings, webinars and newsletters, we will help you through personal advice and an open ear for all your questions to make the right decisions with your daughter or son about how to proceed or as regards their studies. 

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You will also remain part of the Frankfurt School even after their studies have started. You can strengthen the Frankfurt School community at numerous events for parents and friends both in Frankfurt as well as at various locations in Germany.

FS Library Friends, Club & Advisory Board

We are looking forward to all parents who might participate in the Frankfurt School Parent's Program. Participation in Parents Programs is free of charge.

If you want to go further into the world of Frankfurt School, we recommend you take part in our FS Library program.