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In academic teaching and research the economics department of Frankfurt School focuses on current issues of practical relevance in the fields of competition policy, industrial organization, experimental economics, environmental and resource management, empirical macroeconomics, monetary and fiscal policies, international economic and monetary relations, development economics, and institutional economics, respectively.

At present, the main topics include among others regulation of platform markets, vertical market relations, behavioral aspects of consumer choice, climate policy, sustainable use of natural resources, problems of economic and monetary integration in Europe, the economic development and stability of emerging and transition countries, especially Russia and Asia, the performance of international financial centers as well as causes, patterns and effects of financial crises.

Head of Department


Faculty Members

The members of the department participate actively in the bachelor and master programs of Frankfurt School, disseminate the findings of their theoretical and empirical studies in various publications, and occasionally act as economic advisors to various domestic and foreign private institutions and public policy-makers.

Affiliated Faculty