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Finance Seminars

Frankfurt School’s Finance Research Seminars provide a forum for researchers of all disciplines to present and discuss their research. They usually take place on Wednesdays from 11:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. during the semester. Before or after the talk there is the opportunity to meet and exchange with members of the faculty in individual discussions.

We would like to thank the Interessengemeinschaft Frankfurter Kreditinstitute for their generous support of this series of talks.

We would like to thank the Interessengemeinschaft Frankfurter Kreditinstitute for their generous support of this series of talks.

External guests are welcome to attend! In case of interest, you may subscribe via e-mail in order to get invitations for our research seminar and other events.


Past Finance Seminars

Ekkehart Boehmer (Singapore Management University)
"Tracking Retail Investor Activity” (jointly Charles M. Jones and Xiaoyang Zhang)

Martin Szydlowski (Carson School of Management, University of Minnesota)
"The Market for Conflicted Advice” (jointly Briana Chang)

Viktor Torodov (Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University)
"The Pricing of Tail Risk and the Equity Premium: Evidence from International Option Markets?” (jointly with Torben G. Andersen und Nicola Fusari)

Alon Brav (Duke University, The Fuqua School of Business)
"How Does Hedge Fund Activism Reshape Corporate Innovation?” (jointly with Wei Jiang, Song Ma and Xuan Tian)

Sascha Steffen (University of Mannheim)
"The Zero Risk Fallacy – Banks Sovereign Exposure and Sovereign Risk Spillovers" (jointly with Karolin Kirschenmann und Josef Korte)

William Mann (UCLA Anderson School of Management)
“Collateral constraints, wealth effects, and volatility: evidence from real estate markets” (jointly with Barney Hartman-Glaser)

Emanuel Moench (Deutsche Bundesbank)
“Reach for Yield in Investment Funds” (jointly with Alexandru Barbu and Christoph Fricke)

Philippe Mueller (London School of Economics and Political Science)
“International Illiquidity” (jointly with Aytek Malkhozov, Andrea Vedolin and Gyuri Venter)

Andrey Malenko (MIT Sloan School of Management)
“Proxy Advisory Firms: The Economics of Selling Information to Voters” (jointly with Nadya Malenko)

Laura Starks (McCombs School of Business, University of Texas at Austin)
“Economic Policy Uncertainty, Learning and Incentives: Theory and Evidence on Mutual Funds"(jointly with Sophia Yue Sun)

Liyang Yang (Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto)
“A Model of Costly Interpretation of Asset Prices"(jointly with Xavier Vives)

Martin Schmalz (University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business)
"Common Ownership, Competition, and Top Management Incentives” (jointly Miguel Anton, Florian Ederer and Mireia Gine)

Ulf Axelson (London School of Economics and Political Science)
"Informational Black Holes" (jointly with Igor Makarov)

Daniel Paravisini (London School of Economics and Political Science)
“Adverse Selection on Maturity: Evidence from Online Consumer Credit "(jointly with Andrew Hertzberg and Andres Liberman)

Merih Sevilir (Kelley School of Business)
“Learning Across Peer Firms and Innovation Waves”

Kelly Shue (University of Chicago)
“Consistent Good News and Inconsistent Bad News” (jointly with Rick Harbaugh and John Maxwell)

Vasso Ioannidou (Lancaster University)
“When Do Laws and Instututions Affect Recovery Rates on Collateral?” (jointly with Jose María Liberti and Jason Sturgess)

Anders Tolle (Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne)
"Market Structure and Transaction Costs of Index CDSs” (jointly with Pierre Collin-Dufresne and Benjamin Junge)

Adriano Rampini (Duke University)
“Risk Management in Financial Institutions” (jointly with S. Viswanathan and Guillaume Vuillemey)

Yuri Tserlukevich (Arizona State University)
"Is Market Timing Good for Shareholders?” (jointly with Ilona Babenko and Pengcheng Wan)

Clemens Sialm (McCombs School of Business, University of Texas at Austin)
"Government Debt and Capital Structure Decisions: International Evidence" (jointly with Irem Demirci and Jennifer Huang)

Gustavo Manso (UC Berkeley, Haas School of Business)
“Heterogeneous Innovation over the Business Cycle” (jointly with Benjamin Balsmeier and Lee Flemming)

Tarun Chordia (Goizueta Business School | Emory University)
“Do High Frequency Traders Need to be Regulated? Evidence from Trading on Macroeconomic Announcements” (jointly with T. Clifton Green, Badrinath Kottimukkalur)

Martin Brown (University of St.Gallen)
“Banking Crises, Bail-ins, and Depositor Confidence: Lessons from Cyprus” (jointly with Ioanna S. Evangelou and Helmut Stix)

Matthias Kahl (McCombs School of Business, University of Texas at Austin)
“Operating Leverage and Corporate Financial Policies” (jointly with Jason Lunn and Mattias Nilsson)

Guillaume Plantin (Toulouse School of Economics)
“Marking to Market versus Taking to Market"(jointly with Jean Tirole)

Tim Adam (Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin)
“Managerial Biases and Debt Contract Design: The Case of Syndicated Loans"(jointly with Valentin Burg, Tobias Scheinert and Daniel Streitz)

Michael Weber (Chicago Booth University of Chicago)
"Monetary Policy through Production Networks: Evidence from the Stock Market" (jointly with Francesco D’Acunto, Ryan Liu and Carolin Pflueger)

Nickolay Gantchev (Kenan-Flagler Business School)
“Activism Mergers"(jointly with Nicole M. Boyson and Anil Shivdasani)

Mike Burkart (Stockholm School of Economics)
“Hedge Fund Activism vs. Hostile Takeover Bids” (jointly with Samuel Lee)

Bernd Schwaab (ECB)
“The bank-sovereign nexus across borders” (jointly with H.-Johannes Beckenfelder)

Konstantin Milbradt (Kellogg School of Management)
“Volume, liquidity and volatility in OTC markets”

Francois Derrien (HEC Paris)
"The effects of investment bank rankings: Evidence from M&A league tables” (jointly with Olivier Dessaint

Söhnke Bartram (University of Warwick)
"Why does idiosyncratic risk increase with market risk?" (jointly with Gregory Brown, University of North Carolina and René M. Stulz, Ohio State University)

Lukas Roth (University of Alberta)
"Do Institutional Investors Drive Corporate Social Responsibility? International Evidence" (jointly with Alexander Dyck, University of Toronto; Karl V. Lins, University of Utah and Hannes F. Wagner, Bocconi University)

Vincent Maurin (European University Institute)
"Liquidity Fluctuations in Over the Counter Markets"

Luana Zaccaria (London School of Economics)
"Are Family and Friends the Wrong Investors? Evidence from U.S. Startups"

Christoph Siemroth (University of Mannheim)
"The informational content of prices when policy makers react to financial markets"

Ansgar Walther (University of Oxford)
"Crowding out disclosure: Amplification and stress test design" (jointly with Daniel Quigley, University of Oxford)

Stefano Sacchetto (Carnegie Mellon University)
"Merger Activity in Industry Equilibrium" (jointly with Theodosios Dimopoulos, Swiss Finance Institute & University of Lausanne)

Konstantinos E. Zachariadis (London School of Economics)
"Multi-Asset Noisy Rational Expectations Equilibrium with Contingent Claims" (jointly with Georgy Chabakauri and Kathy Yuan, London School of Economics)

Matthias Efing (Swiss Finance Institute & University of Geneva)
"Arbitraging the Basel Securitization Framework: Evidence from German ABS Investment"

Francesco Consonni (Bocconi University)
"Do Firms Hedge Their Labor Costs?"

Esad Smajlbegović (University of Mannheim)
"Regional Economic Activity and Stock Returns

Jim Goldman (INSEAD)
"Government as Customer of Last Resort: The Stabilizing Effects of Government Purchases on Firms"

Jayant V. Ganguli (University of Essex)
"The pricing effects of ambiguous private information" (jointly with Scott Condiey, Brigham Young University)

Jérôme Dugast (University of Warwick)
"Unscheduled News and Market Dynamics"

Tobias Berg (Bonn University)
"Got rejected? Real effects of not getting a loan"

Philipp Illeditsch (Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania)
"Disagreement about Inflation and the Yield Curve" (jointly with Paul Ehling, Norwegian Business School; Michael Gallmeyer, The McIntire School of Commerce and Christian Heyerdahl-Larsen, London Business School)

Francesco Sangiorgi (Stockholm School of Economics)
"Searching for Information" (jointly with Jungsuk Han, Stockholm School of Economics)

George Pennacchi (UIUC College of Business)
"Financial Intermediation Chains in an OTC Market " (jointly with Alexei Tchistyi, UIUC College of Business)

Joël Peress (INSEAD)
"Glued to the TV: Distracted Retail Investors and Stock Market Liquidity" (jointly with Daniel Schmidt, HEC Paris)

Hongjun Yan (Rutgers Business School)
"Financial Intermediation Chains in an OTC Market " (jointly with Ji Shen, London School of Economics and Bin Wei, Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta)

Ramin Baghai (Stockholm School of Economics)
"Non-rating revenue and conflicts of interest" (jointly with Bo Becker, Stockholm School of Economics)

Nobuhiro Kiyotaki (Princeton University)
"Wholesale Banking and Bank Runs in Macroeconomic Modelling of Financial Crises" (jointly with Mark Gertler, Princeton University and Andrea Prestipino, Princeton University)

Silvia Rossetto (Toulouse School of Economics)
“Ownership Concentration and Firm Risk: Evidence from the US”

Semyon Malamud (Swiss Finance Institute)
"A Dynamic Equilibrium Model of ETFs"

Annette Vissing-Jørgensen (UC Berkeley, Haas School of Business)
"Stock Returns over the FOMC Cycle" (jointly with Anna Cieslak, Duke University and Adair Morse, University of California Berkeley and NBER)

Alex Edmans (London Business School)
"The Source of Information in Prices and Investment-Price Sensitivity" (jointly with Sudarshan Jayaraman, Simon Business School, University of Rochester)

Andriy Bodnaruk (Notre Dame, Mendoza College of Business)
"Cross-Border Alliances and Risk Management" (jointly with Alberto Manconi, Tilburg University; Tim Landvoigt and Massimo Massa, INSEAD)

Doron Levit (Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania)
"Corporate Control Activism" (jointly with Adrian A. Corum, Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania)

Stijn Claessens (Federal Reserve System)
"The Role of Foreign Banks in Trade" (jointly with Omar Hassib, Maastricht University and Neeltje van Horen, De Nederlandsche Bank)

Philip Dybvig (Olin Business School)
"How to Squander your Endowment: Pitfalls and Remedies" (jointly with Zhenjiang Qin, Institute of Financial Studies, SWUFE)

Philip Bond (Foster School of Business)
"Buying high and selling low: Stock repurchases and persistent asymmetric information" (jointly with Hongda Zhong, London School of Economics)

Management & Accounting Seminars

Frankfurt School’s Research Seminar in Management & Accounting is a forum for researchers to present and discuss research contributing to a better understanding of a broad range of managerial issues. The research seminar focuses on the interactive discussion of theoretically embedded papers following rigorous research designs (including empirical-archival and experimental research methods).

We would like to thank Lexware GmbH & Co. KG for their generous support of this series of talks.

We would like to thank Lexware GmbH & Co. KG for their generous support of this series of talks.

The talks usually take place on Tuesdays from 12:30 to 2:00 p.m. during the semester. Before or after the talk there is the opportunity to meet and exchange with members of the faculty in individual discussions.

External guests are welcome to attend and are in case of interest asked to subscribe via e-mail in order to get invitations for our research seminar and other events


Past Management & Accounting Seminars


Kristoph Ullrich (Kühne-Logistics Hamburg)

"Demand-Supply Mismatches and Stock Market Performance: A Retailing Perspective" (jointly with Sandra Transchel)


Jens Förster (Ruhr-Universität Bochum)

"Introducing a Self-Regulatory Model on Having and Being: Having is Concrete and Being is Abstract”


Renata Kosova (Imperial College London)

"An Empirical Analysis of Self-Enforcement Mechanisms: Evidence from Hotel Franchsing" (jointly with Giorgo Sertsios)


Steffen Klosterhafen (University of Richmond)

“Strategic Safety Stock Placement in Supply Network with Static Dual Supply” (jointly with Stefan Minner and Sean P. Willems)


Monika Schnitzer (University of Munich)

“Antitrust, Patents, and Cumulative Innovation: Evidence from Bell Labs” (jointly with Martin Watzinger, Thomas Fackler und Markus Nagler)


Sascha Topolinski (Universität Köln)

“Mouth-watering words: Articulatory inductions of eating-like mouth

movements increase perceived food palatability” (jointly with Lea Boecker)

“Popcorn in the cinema: Oral interference sabotages advertising effects” (jointly with Sandy Lindner and Anna Freudenberg)

“What’s in and what’s out in branding? A novel articulation effect for brand names” (jointly with  Michael Zürn and Iris K. Schneider)


Michael Pinedo (New York University)

“On the Modeling of Operational Risk in Finance"(jointly with Yuqian Xu)


Vibha Gaba (INSEAD)

“Safe or Profitable? The Pursuit of Conflicting Goals"(jointly with Henrich R. Greve)


Sabine Sczesny (University of Bern)

"Gender Diversity – From Explanations to Solutions"


Dovev Lavie (Technion - Israel)

“A Best Practice Paradox: The Contingent Value of the Dedicated Alliance Function"(jointly Melike Findikoglue)


Alex Brüggen (Maastricht University)

“Socialistic Budget Lapsing and Investment Decisions”


Laurenz Meier (Universität Freiburg)

“Episodes of incivility between subordinates and supervisors: examining the role of self-control and time with an interaction-record diary study” (jointly with H.-Johannes Beckenfelder)


Gavin Cassar (INSEAD)

“Evidence on Explicit Contracting and Ex-Post Settling Up in Incentive Design” (jointly with Brian Cadman)


Regis Renault (Université de Cergy-Pontoise)

"Search Direction” (jointly with Simon P. Anderson)


Jenker Denrell (Warwick Business School)

"When More Selection is Worse” (jointly with Chengwei Liu and Gaël Le Mens)


Rouba Ibrahim (University College London)

"Does the Past Predict the Future? The Case of Delay Announcements in Service Systems” (jointly with Mor Amony and Achal Bassamboo)

Brown Bag Workshops

The Brown Bag Workshops at Frankfurt School serve as a platform for internal and external researchers to present and discuss their research ideally in a stage of “work in progress”. The Brown Bag workshops are as a rule on Mondays and Thursdays at lunchtime from 12:20 until 13:10 p.m., so that the event will not interfere with teaching obligations or lectures. The presentations last between 30 and 45 minutes.

The remaining time can be used for questions and discussion.

The Brown Bag Workshops are coordinated by Prof. Dr. Breugem.