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Frankfurt am Main, 07.04.2017 12:00:00

On Wednesday, March 22, 2017, the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management Career Services Team organised a presentation on Structured Success Management held by three young professionals working in private equity. All of them have achieved great career success at a young age. By visiting top universities they share their experience and thoughts about the underlying secrets of career success.

Professor Dr Christoph Schalast, Professor of Mergers & Acquisitions, Business Law and European Law as well as Academic Director of the Master of Mergers & Acquisitions (LL.M.) at Frankfurt School, welcomed the evening’s guests and gave a short introduction on private equity and venture capital.

Soheil Mirpour, Investment Executive in Private Equity at KKR, opened the interactive presentation by lining out that success management is universal and that there is a recipe for it: goal setting and execution. He recommended that the students should have a big vision and develop a plan how to get there. Setting priorities is also essential to reach one’s goals. Christian Schröder, Director at the European Venture Capitalist Global Funders Capital, talked about the success formula and pointed out that the decision making process is very important, because every decision has an invisible multiplier. The third part of the presentation was held by Lucas Kollmann, who is an Investment Professional at the private equity fund Blackstone. He explained the power of networks in more detail and emphasised its importance for career success. All speakers illustrated their recommendations by giving examples of their own career.

The presentation was followed by a get-together which gave all participants the opportunity to network and to have personal conversations with the guest speakers.