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Innovation Managers, Chief Information/Digital Officers, Computer Scientists Developers with business interest, Management/Business Administration Experts, Talent program participants aspiring for C level.


Participants should have an understanding of the current state of AI applicability in business with a special focus on machine learning and deep learning technologies. On one hand they will get an overview of the AI provider landscape specifically connected to each organisational function, on the other hand they will understand the general principles of how AI technologies work today, and where they are going in the near future.
Broad understanding of different artificial intelligence technologies and applications in the enterprise environment.

Learning about the landscape of AI driven technology providers in specific business areas.

Understanding how AI is transforming the future of business on an organisational level with special emphasis on the sales and marketing, customer service, manufacturing, supply chain management and the supporting functions (HR, finance, backoffice)


  • What is AI? - hype versus reality
  • Trends in AI - investments, development areas, the overview of the AI development market
  • How does AI work? - understanding the conceptual layers of different AI applications
  • How does it learn? - data and procedural requirements for AI systems to learn
  • Applications with specific business impacts


Interactive lecture, group work, practical practice activities, reflection


3 Tage



Preisvorteil von 10% ab dem 2. Teilnehmer pro Unternehmen und Seminartermin.

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