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Target Audience

Project staff, project managers, and (future) project leaders

Learning Target

You can utilize your previously attained knowledge in complex project situations and under extreme time pressure. In a case study you will be confronted with situations that require quick decision making. You will learn to work togethor and make decisions as a team. You will experience typical project situations and factors for success that exist in real life praxis. You will practice making decisions in complex situations and under time pressure. You will learn how to make decisions in a small group as well as how to develop solutions and use conflict contructively. You will practice lateral coordination in difficult project situations.


  • Analysis of the Project Order 
  • Project Planning: Methods for Project Definition and Project Planning 
  • Overcoming Disruptions, Deviations, and Daily Management Challenges 
  • Experiencing, Recognizing, and Handling the Effects of Group Dynamics in the Project Team 
  • Project Management- Live Utilization and Strengthening of Methods


Project simulation based on case studies completed in small groups, Feedback



2 Days

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Preisvorteil von 10% ab dem 2. Teilnehmer pro Unternehmen und Seminartermin.

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