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This programme has been set up in cooperation with the Frankfurt School Blockchain Center which is a think tank and research center which investigates implications of the blockchain technology for companies and their business models.

The course is designed for everybody who wants to acquire IT and business skills in blockchain technology. The course has an IT track and a business track such that it is suitable for both IT experts and business developers who seek to understand blockchain technology and crypto currencies. Among others, we focus on the Ethereum and the Hyperledger platforms.
From an IT perspective, this includes writing smart contracts and decentralised applications (DApps). Further, from a business perspective, we provide an understanding of the variety of possible blockchain use cases and business models.
An increasing amount of blockchain-based applications are being developed making it crucial to have a profound knowledge of the underlying technologies (such as Ethereum or Hyperledger) so that you are able to leverage their benefits for your company’s digital future.


Certified Blockchain Expert (Frankfurt School of Finance & Management)

Target Group

Innovation Managers, Chief Information/Digital Officers, Computer Scientists, Developers, Management/Business Administration Experts and individuals who like to learn more about the blockchain technology.


Basic IT knowledge is necessary. Knowledge in the area of IT programming and development is not necessary but nevertheless helpful in following this course. Each participant must bring a laptop to work on practical exercises during the courses.


6 months

The programme consists of two 4-day weeks. It starts with the first 4-day course covering the blockchain basics.
In the 2nd course you will follow the specialisation you have chosen: the IT track (modules "a") or the Business track (modules "b").

The exam consists an individual paper where every participant submits an own paper. Multiple topics for a paper will be provided and participants will be able to choose one topic. Partly these topics cover more business-oriented questions or, alternatively, more IT-related questions. Time to write the paper: 8 weeks (after having finished the 2nd week of the course).


1st and 2nd compact course, including the exam and the certification: 6,950 Euro (8 days), 1st compact course: 3,650 Euro (4 days)

All amounts are exempt from VAT.

Product Information & Registration

Start of programme


Lutz Auffenberg

Lutz is a German attorney with a focus of expertise in cryptocurrency laws and blockchain-technology as well as digitalisation and the internet of things. He is a specialist in the field of banking regulation and capital markets law and frequently speaks on international conferences and expert seminars about the legal implications of blockchain-related solutions on business processes, i.a. in Hong Kong, Berlin, Amsterdam, Vienna, Brussels and Paris. Lutz has been a salary partner in a Frankfurt-based law firm until 2018, where he has been in charge of the banking law department.

Stefan Hiecker

IoT Expert, KI decentralized

Stefan has a degree in electronics and information technologies as well as 15+ years of experience in electronics. He worked the last 5 years in scientific projects and in the automotive industry. As a specialist for distributed embedded systems, his focus is on the integration of IoT devices to blockchain-ecosystems. Stefan is enthusiastic about pushing sensor based decentralized autonomous systems.

Eric Alexander Holst

Blockchain Expert & Product Owner, KI decentralized

Eric has a Master’s degree in Corporate Management and Economics and worked prior as a researcher on social innovation and a Design Thinker for startups in Berlin, Frankfurt, and India, where he was a product owner for a crowdfunding platform.

Since 2014, Eric has been in the blockchain space where he quickly became involved in the scene as a Community Manager in Germany for the blockchain Education Network. He also built three prototypes at hackathons in the Netherlands, Denmark and Germany around Peer-To-Peer Grids & Delivery and Process Auditing.

Additionally, he was a consultant for business model innovation and conducted research on use-cases for blockchain on energy grids and the Paris Climate Agreement. 

Wilfried Kopp

Senior Expert Blockchain, KI decentralized

Wilfried Kopp is Senior Blockchain Expert at KI decentralized GmbH, a software house and consultancy with a strong focus on blockchain technology and solutions.

Will is a Dipl.- Ing. in Image & Signal Processing with 17+ years of experience in software development and 11+ years of international experience. He worked as a vision solutions expert in the USA and France and developed solutions ranging from infrared analysis to OCR and direct part marking.

In 2009, he relocated to Germany where he took various positions in the field of document management before focusing on business process management (BPM) and financial services. His strong background in software development (c, c++, asm, c#, javascript, micro-controller) and project management help bridge business requirements and implementation of solid architectures.

Working with blockchain since 2012, he has contributed several open source projects related to blockchain such as Ethereum and NXT. Will is passionate about helping partners discover and embrace blockchain and decentralized technologies while not compromising on security and quality.

Tobias Latzke

Blockchain Evangelist, KI decentralized

Tobias Latzke is senior developer and blockchain evangelist at KI decentralized GmbH, a software house and a consultancy with a strong focus on blockchain technology and solutions. He has more than 10 years of professional software development experience over a variety of programming languages (C, C++, C#, Java, Javascript, etc.) and frameworks. His deep understanding of blockchain technology combined with the enthusiasm to pass on this knowledge makes him a much sought after trainer for blockchain platforms like Ethereum, Hyperledger, Stellar and more.

Prior to joining the KI decentralized team, Tobias was Senior Developer at Bewotec GmbH, where he coordinated small developer teams within an agile software development framework (first Scrum, later Kanban). Tobias studied computer science at RWTH Aachen, EPF Lausanne, and the University of Freiburg.

He became involved with Bitcoin in early 2013 and has been a cryptocurrency enthusiast ever since. As co-organizer of several meetups, he facilitates the exchange of knowledge and experience within local blockchain communities. In his spare time, Tobias created Centaurus - an award-winning open source android wallet for the stellar payment network.

Mirco Recksiek

Cryptocurrency Expert, KI decentralized

Mirco is blockchain consultant and cryptocurrency expert at KI decentralized GmbH, a software house and consultancy with a strong focus on blockchain technology and solutions.

After beginning his career in a bank, he chose to study Business Administration at the University of Cologne and just finished his Master degree with his major in Digitalization & Entrepreneurship. His thesis investigated digital assets at the core of blockchain-based business models with the goal of deriving concepts and economic implications for several industries.

His first contact with Bitcoin and blockchain technology was in 2016 during a lecture for his studies. Since then, he has been enthusiastic for the new technology, started investing in Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other Cryptocurrencies, and is stays up to date on new projects in the crypto-scene.

Prof. Dr. Philipp Sandner

Philipp Sandner is head of the Frankfurt School Blockchain Center at the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management.

The expertise of Prof. Sandner in particular includes blockchain technology and its application in various industries but also concerns digital transformation, entrepreneurship (e.g. corporate entrepreneurship, fintech startups) and innovation management.

Prof. Sandner is a member of the FinTechRat of the Federal Ministry of Finance.

Moritz Strube

Moritz has already led countless blockchain development projects at ChainLabs. ChainLabs offers the implementation of blockchain projects and consults companies on blockchain technologies and smart contracts, especially in the fields of the Internet of Things, Industrie 4.0, and mobility.

Before working for ChainLabs, Moritz had various leadership roles in the field of business development, technology management, and IT project management. He has over 20 years of work experience and degrees in mathematics, business administration, and economics.

Exactly this interdisciplinary orientation creates the ideal foundation for blockchain technologies, crypto economics, and distributed ledgers. Additional fields of interest include deep learning, machine learning, data science, and the Internet of Things.

Technical Questions

Organisational Questions