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Research Assistant

Jonas Gross is a research assistant and project manager at the Frankfurt School Blockchain Center (FSBC), a think tank at the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management. The Frankfurt School Blockchain Center analyzes the impact of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies on companies' business models and their macroeconomic implications. After finishing his master's degree in Economics, Mr. Gross started his Ph.D. at the University of Bayreuth (Germany).

His main research focus are cryptocurrencies and central bank digital currencies. He wrote various publications about the cryptocurrency project "Libra", which has been initiated by Facebook in June 2019, and about central bank digital currencies (CBDC). Furthermore, Mr. Gross was co-author of the Central Bank Digital Currency Policy-Maker Toolkit published by the World Economic Forum (WEF). Mr. Gross published various articles in German magazines, like the Manager Magazin, Capital, and the Börsenzeitung.

In 2018, Mr. Gross initiated a regional meetup group focusing on blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies at the University of Bayreuth. Every semester, various events are hosted to educate students and professionals about innovative trends in the financial sector.


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