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ronny wittig student of bachelor at frankfurt school

Ronny Wittig (34) has completed his BSc at Frankfurt School

I’m Ronny Wittig, I finished my BSc in Management, Philosophy and Economics (MPE) as a member of the Class of 2011. I’m currently 34 years old, and since I graduated, apart from a year spent travelling around the world, I’ve mainly been working for Bain & Company, the management consultants. My work involves advising primarily financial investors on investments in the financial services sector, with a particular focus on payments.

How do you view your time at Frankfurt School in retrospect and what does it mean to you today?

My degree course was a good preparation “for later” inasmuch as it was very practice-oriented right from the start. Coming into contact with “tomorrow’s customers and colleagues” helped me find my own professional way forward. But as an MPE graduate, I should also say that having to think about things one doesn’t usually spend a lot of time thinking about was especially valuable. It’s easy enough to learn about the time value of money; it’s much harder to reflect on suitable mechanisms for allocating donor organs!

What does your time at Frankfurt School mean to you from today's perspective?

The time I spent studying for my degree was transformative! Many of my views and attitudes were formed over this period. More importantly, I made many friends and acquaintances who are still very important to me today. They’re able to understand what the various career options are, and what kinds of things I enjoy.

What is your fondest memory of your time studying at Frankfurt School?

That’s hard to say. We were a small, close-knit community on the “old campus” in the Ostend district; the parties there were always great – starting with the legendary “Hello for Beginners” day for newcomers!

What significance do alumni hold for a university? What do you think alumni can do for their university?

Alumni are vital to universities, as both ambassadors and supporters. Not only can they project the right image to the outside world; they can also support current students by, for example, mentoring or bringing a real-world perspective to events. But to do this, they must have very positive memories of their time as students, be well supported and involved in current activities – all areas where Frankfurt School has made huge steps forward!

What is your life motto?

Oh. Whoops, I’m afraid that doesn’t work as a motto!