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At the start of the 2021/2022 academic year, Frankfurt School will launch a brand-new “Executives in Residence” programme. Each iteration will run for one year (from September to August). As a rule, our Executives in Residence will be C-suite executives, alumni, entrepreneurs or experienced policymakers or civil-society figures. Appointees will become involved with and support Frankfurt School by injecting their own unique strengths, resources and experience into our on-campus community.

Starting and developing your career

Executives in Residence will supplement the strategic career advice provided by the Frankfurt School Career Services team. They will assist students and alumni with specific issues or on specific occasions, offering their own perspectives and helping students and alumni make career-defining decisions.

Speeches, lectures, discussions

Executives in Residence will play an active part in guiding campus life at Frankfurt School, making regular contributions to our various teaching and learning formats and forums. They will present their personal views, questions or arguments on key challenges faced by companies or specific industries, as well as the broader trends and challenges shaping business, politics and society in general. By doing so, they will help enrich on-campus debates.


As a business school, Frankfurt School thrives by building and consolidating broad networks of contacts in the commercial, social and political worlds. This is another area where Executives in Residence will support Frankfurt School.

Executives in Residence 2021/22:

FS alumnus Alexander Doll is a leading candidate

Frankfurt School is currently inviting selected personalities to become involved as Executives in Residence – and one of the top candidates is Alexander Doll, a Frankfurt School alumnus (Class of 1997) and member of our Board of Trustees who is also Chairman of the Supervisory Board and Senior Advisor at Lincoln International. We will be presenting further candidates in the very near future.

Alexander Doll