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Eric Reutemann (36) graduated from the Master in Management at Frankfurt School in 2014.

Currently: co-founder and General Manager of Frankfurt Galaxy (former player). First jobs after graduating: Transformation Thomas Cook AG, then Corporate Strategy Porsche AG.

How well did your academic studies prepare you for the challenges of working life, up to and including your current job? What did you find especially useful?

Before I took my master’s degree, I’d already worked in a consulting firm. The Master in Management programme helped me acquire the academic knowledge I needed to reinforce this experience. The many things I learned and experienced during the course still help me today. As a General Manager, you should always be aware of your company’s business situation so you can intervene to guide it in the right direction whenever necessary.

Looking back, how important was your time as a student at Frankfurt School in the greater scheme of things?

My time as a student gave me a comprehensive insight into how companies are managed; the strategy classes I took with Professor Stieglitz in particular still influence the way I work today.

What’s your favourite memory of your time at Frankfurt School?

The time I spent abroad in Buenos Aires and the many evenings spent in the company of my fellow students. I made a lot of friends at the time, and we’re still very close today.

How important are alumni for a business school? What do you think alumni can do for their alma mater?

Contacts, a good network and vitamin B aren’t just a good idea while you’re studying or training, they also do you good afterwards – especially once you start working. An alumni programme can provide all these things.

What’s your favourite motto?

Dreams are the very best motivator.

Dream.Believe. Grind.Achieve.