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Darya Ramanava is 30 years old and comes from Minsk, Belarus. With a Bachelor Degree from the American University in Bulgaria and University of the Pacific in California, she moved to Frankfurt for her further education. She studied Master of Finance with the concentration in Corporate Finance. Using the lecture free periods for gaining more work experience, she started early building up her professional network. After graduating in 2015 she now worked for Deutsche Bank in Group Management Consulting. Since then she established a carrer as a manager for Deals - Valuations & moddeling at PwC Switzerland.

To what extent did your Master prepare you for the challenges of your current job? What did you find especially useful?

The Master of Finance Program at Frankfurt School provided me with a truly unique combination of academic as well as practical experience. First, diverse and case-study-oriented curriculum allowed me to build a skill set necessary for a successful career in management consulting. Moreover, the 3-day time model allowed me to pursue part-time working opportunities throughout the whole course of studies, which definitely gave me a great advantage during the search of full-time employment opportunities. In this way, the two-year enrollment in the study program provided me with strong academic background in corporate finance and, more importantly, allowed me to simultaneously gain experience in a number of prestigious companies such as Deloitte & Touche GmbH, Bankhaus Metzler and PricewaterhouseCoopers AG.

The flexibility and continuous support of the faculty body helped my initiative of cooperation with the Group Valuations Team at Deutsche Bank AG, in preparation of my master thesis. All in all, as a Master of Finance graduate I was well-prepared for the dynamic and challenging field of strategic consulting in the banking industry where I am currently working.

From today’s perspective, which meaning does your time as a student at Frankfurt School have for you?

I put immense value on my time at Frankfurt School for two main reasons. First, it made me well-prepared, academically, professionally and culturally, for the working environment in Germany which I saw as my ultimate goal about my enrollment in Master of Finance Program in the first place. Second, it allowed me to build a strong network which is also a great advantage for “after-student life” in Frankfurt.

What is your best memory of your time at Frankfurt School?

Although the program was highly demanding and not typical “student-like” given the amount of time invested into working parallel to studies, I have a bunch of pleasant memories about my time as a master student. The best ones are probably connected with the informal events in and outside the university with other international students. With International Frankfurt School Days and small get-togethers, the studying process and the whole time in Frankfurt was a lot of fun.

In your opinion, how important are alumni for a business school? What do you think alumni can do for their alma mater?

A strong alumni network plays an important role for any academic institution, especially for such an international university as Frankfurt School. In the first place, it allows current and prospective students to get easily into contact with a number of renowned companies during their studies. Apart from that, the “word of mouth” spread by FS alumni all over the world is the best way for Frankfurt School to continue building up its international reputation.

Do you have a motto?

Whatever happens happens for the best.