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Srishti Gupta, originally from India, graduated from Frankfurt School in 2015, where she completed her Master of Finance. She focused on courses on development finance and renewable energy, and also worked as a Project Coordinator at Frankfurt Schools UNEP Collaborating Centre for Climate & Sustainable Energy Finance. She is currently working at BayWa r.e. Global as a Project Finance Manager, since 2019.

To what extent has the study program prepared you for the requirements your past and current activities? Which knowledge or skills have been especially useful?

The design of the course was useful in helping me organize my time better. As the course provides an opportunity to work part time with the studies, it helped me gain experience in a new country in the field of my interest. Although managing the two was sometimes challenging, but has been extremely insightful in preparing for the bigger challenges in life. The courses on development finance and renewable energy were my reason to apply at FS and have provided the right foundation to pursue my interest. These courses have been relevant for me as I am now working in the field of renewable energy finance and the program was just the right mix of knowledge and skills for this industry.

From today’s perspective, which meaning does your time as a student at Frankfurt School have for you?

Frankfurt School has been an important and instrumental factor in shaping my career. The opportunity to study and work in an international environment has been a valuable experience. I now approach situations with a more structured approach and logical reasoning. And most importantly, I have made some great friends from different parts of the world!

What is your best memory of your time at Frankfurt School?

It’s the entire period of two years spent at FS, I look back with fond memories. From working late nights on projects, assignments, presentations with the group members to the regular events, it’s been a wonderful journey. I also got to spend two months during my internship in Kenya, providing exposure to work in a country with a different and amazing culture.

In your opinion, how important are alumni for a business school? What do you think alumni can do for their alma mater?

Alumni are a very important part of a business school, not just for the Alma mater. They are essential when it comes to developing networks for the current business school students. I was a part of the FS-Citi group mentorship program, where I gained valuable insights into the corporate world and work culture in Germany. Frankfurt School now has an international reputation and to build it further, especially amongst the international students, strong alumni network plays a very important role. In my view, Frankfurt School should try to maintain strong ties with its alumni. Having graduated recently I very much look forward to staying in contact.

Do you have a motto?

Keeps changing!