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a young professional

Tim Brückner, Bachelor of Business Administration 2004 / Master of Arts - Banking & Finance 2005

Worked in investment banking for ING (now BHF-BANK) (as an analyst), HSBC (London) (as an associate) and Rothschild (as a VP). Then worked in real-estate investment for Corpus Sireo (Swiss Life Asset Managers) in Germany and Luxembourg (as MD). Currently CFO at DEMIRE Deutsche Mittelstand Real Estate AG, listed with PE as majority shareholder

To what extent did your studies prepare you for the demands of your previous and current job? What was particularly useful?

Because my master’s degree was optimized for working professionals, I was able to start at HSBC in London as an Associate in the M&A department as soon as I graduated. Combined with my work experience, the degree course’s practical relevance has helped me throughout my career to date.

What significance does your time studying at the Frankfurt School have for you from today's perspective?

I had a good time, even though it was stressful. The degree course’s work-aligned model enabled me to find my “perfect spot” in the bank and saved me a lot of time.

What is your fondest memory from your time studying at Frankfurt School?

The team spirit shared by the students, and being able to watch Frankfurt School grow! I also had a wonderful (self-organized) time abroad in Vancouver, as well as internships in Vietnam and Indonesia, followed by a bachelor’s thesis in Ghana.

What importance do alumni have for a university? What do you think alumni can do for their university?

Sharing experiences and making suggestions. In the past, for example, I've given lectures and mentored students.