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Meet fellow alumni and improve your skills

You are interested in topics to boost your professional skills? You enjoy learning about and discussing new trends in the workplace like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning or Blockchain? You like visiting Frankfurt School at its new Campus and mingle with fellow alumni? Then you need to check out our new event series “FS Skills in a Nutshell”. We will meet every second Friday of the month from 8 – 9 am in the FS Creative Learning space, across the Deli where you can get food & drinks.


September, 14: Prof. Dr. Vahe Andonians – "Thinking like an AI native"

Everyone is talking about digital natives – but shouldn’t we be wondering about AI natives? We already expect Siri or Alexa to anticipate our desires, and face recognition opens up new opportunities of everyday interaction with machines. In this session, Vahe Andonians will get us up to date on what AI can already do and what to expect in the near future. The question is: Are your jobs and business models up to the competition? For info and registration, please contact Elisa Antz under

Registration (via Mail)

Coming Events (tentative)

October 12: "Building an innovation ecosystem"

November 9: "Data protection for regulation dummies" 

December 14: "Cloud Commodities – The new oil market?"


January 11: "Cyber crime – How to deal with the future's dark side" 

February 8: "Storytelling to build your brand" 

March 8: "How User eXperience can pimp your business"

April 12: "Design Thinking in – and out of – a corporate context"

Interested in any of these sessions? Drop us an email.

Past Events

August, 10: Daniel Höfelmann – "How to drive innovation in the finance industry"

Innovation management is tricky. Innovation rarely comes over night in a flash of genius – least of all in corporate environments with established departments, hierarchies and so on. However, businesses need innovation in order to stay competitive. Globalization, digitalization and agile startups have been creating a sense of urgency for innovation in the last years. Our alumnus Daniel Höfelmann knows all about these chances and challenges as he has driven innovation in different banks for several years. He will share his skills in our second nutshell session.

July, 13: Gergely Szertics – "Unlocking the potential of AI"

Artificial intelligence has enormous disruptive potential and opens up many new business opportunities. Yet, it requires a change in mindset and business priorities to be able to unlock this potential. In this session, Gergely Szertics gives an overview of the current state of this technology and how to make the best use of the business opportunities it can bring. It focuses on questions and applications of a business leader and highlights the most important shifts required in leadership mindset.