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The spread of the coronavirus has a major impact on public life and is fundamentally changing everyone's daily routine. For many people it is the first time working from home for a longer period of time – everyone is wondering how economic and social life will continue. Now, the Frankfurt School would like to keep in touch with its alumni even more. This is why Alumni Relations are launching the new "Stay tuned to FS" programme. Various online formats (some in English, some in German) focus primarily on the coronavirus and its effects on society, but also cover topics beyond that and offer alumni the opportunity for further education.

You can find planned formats and dates below.

Online presentations & interviews

Frankfurt School professors, alumni and other experts share their experience and expertise in interviews or discuss it with our community in online presentations. Periodically (Tuesday or Thursday) either the video of an interview is uploaded or an online presentation takes place in which alumni and our FS community can participate and ask questions. The recording will be uploaded the next day.

Upcoming dates
December 8, 2020, 18:30 pm (CET) – Online presentation with Prof. Dr Ronald Gleich, Professor for Management Practice & Control

Topic: "Intelligentes Kostenmanagement als Teil eines erfolgreichen Krisenmanagements“
Language: German

Link to the online presentation (no registration required)

December 15, 2020 – Interview with Kim Felix Fomm, FS Graduate and CIO, Raisin Bank AG

Topic: tbd
Language: English


November 26, 2020
Online presentation with Dr Timo Vogelsang

Assistant Professor of Controlling / Managerial Accounting

Topic: "Current Evidence of Financial Bonus Systems"
Language: English

November 12, 2020
Interview with Prof. Dr Julia Redenius-Hövermann

Associate Professor of Civil and Company Law

Topic: "Herabsetzung der Vorstandsvergütung in der Krise"
Language: German

Further Information

October 20, 2020
Online presentation with Prof. Dr Adalbert Winkler

Professor of International and Development Finance

Topic: "Staatsverschuldung und Corona-Krise: Wird die junge Generation über Gebühr belastet?"
Language: German

Presentation (PDF)

September 29, 2020
Online presentation with Daniela Weber-Rey

Lawyer and Non-Executive Board Member, ia HSBC Trinkaus & Burkhardt, Fnac Darty, EuropeanCorporate Governance Institute (ECGI), member of the Board of Trustees of the Leibniz Institute of Financial Research SAFE e.V.

Topic: "How to combat loss of trust in companies? Regulatory, ethics and corporate purpose"
Language: English

September 15, 2020
Interview with Nicolas von Loeper

FS Graduate & Member of the board, Bethmann Bank AG

Topic: "Kundenorientierung, Offenheit, Glück – Mein Weg zum Vorstand"
Language: German

September 3, 2020
Interview with Evi Zielinski

FS Graduate & Director of Trainee Management

Topic: "Leadership-Leitlinien und dezentrale Führung – was hat die Krise verändert?"
Language: German

August 18, 2020
Online presentation with Prof. Dr Selin Atalay

Professor of Marketing

Topic: "Crisis Communication and Personal control: When and Why individuals make the “wrong” choices."
Language: English

July 30, 2020
Interview with Andy Hamer

FS Graduate & Director, Enterprise Sales, The We Company

Topic: "Future trends, Hypergrowth environment and insights into an extraordinary career change - when an investment banker moves into something new!"
Language: English

July 21, 2020
Interview with Boas Bamberger

FS Graduate & Co-Founder, Aivy

Topic: "Online-Auswahlverfahren – Das neue "Normal" nach Corona und wie schützt man sich gegen Impersonation und Faking?"
Language: German

July 14, 2020
Interview with Laura Wirtz

FS Graduate & Head of Daily Banking and Payments, ING Deutschland

Topic: "Digital, agil und persönlich – auch in Zeiten von Corona"
Language: German

July 2, 2020
Online presentation with Prof. Dr Michael H. Grote

Professor of Corporate Finance

Topic: "DAX Entwicklung vs. COVID-19 – Warum steigt der DAX trotzdem weiter?"
Language: German

Presentation (PDF)

June 30, 2020
Online presentation with Prof. Dr Adalbert Winkler

Professor of International and Development Finance

Topic: "Corona: Wissenschaft, Proteste, Verschwörungstheorien – wie passt das zusammen?"
Language: German

Presentation (PDF)

June 25, 2020
Online presentation with Prof. Dr Mirko Kremer

Professor for Supply Chain Management

Topic: "Why companies underprepare for crises - time to stress test supply chains?"
Language: English

Presentation (PDF)

June 18, 2020
Online presentation with Prof. Dr Ulf Moslener & Angus McCrone

Professor of Sustainable Energy Finance & Chief Editor of BloombergNEF

Topic: "The Global Trends in Renewable Energy Investment 2020 presented by Frankfurt School-UNEP Collaborating Centre and BloombergNEF"
Language: English

June 16, 2020
Interview with Prof. Dr Olaf Stotz

Professor of Asset Management and Pension Economics

Topic: "FS Community goes Appentwicklung. Vorstellung des Projekts „meinDIRK“ oder wie eine App im Rentenchaos aufräumt"
Language: German

Presentation (PDF)

June 9, 2020
Online presentation with  Prof. Dr Benjamin Born

Associate Professor of Macroeconomics

Topic: "The Macroeconomics of Pandemics"
Language: English

Presentation (PDF)

June 2, 2020
Online presentation with Corinna Wahl

Team Leader in Executive Education at Frankfurt School, Coach and Mentor specialized in communications and mindfulness based body work

Topic: "How selfcare matters in uncertain times"
Language: English

Presentation (PDF)

May 28, 2020
Interview with Prof. Dr Jürgen Moormann & Dr Nadine Ostern

Professor of Bank and Process Management, Founder and Co-Head of the ProcessLab research center at Frankfurt School & Postdoctoral Research Associate

Topic: “Prozessgestaltung und Digitalisierung – jetzt erst recht“
Language: German

May 19, 2020
Online presentation with Marcus Michel

FS Graduate and Managing Partner contagi PERSONAL GmbH, Frankfurt am Main

Topic: "Recruitment in Zeiten von Corona – Do’s and Don’ts für Unternehmen und BewerberIn"
Language: German

Presentation (PDF)

May 14, 2020
Online presentation with Dirk Lübbert

FS Graduate and CEO of Mellooi Creation Sdn Bhd

Topic: "Wie geht man in Malaysia mit der Corona-Krise um?"
Language: German

May 12, 2020
Interview with Prof. Dr Matthias Mahlendorf

Professor for Managerial Accounting

Topic: „Value-based management”
Language: English

May 5, 2020
Online presentation with Prof. Dr Nils Stieglitz

President Frankfurt School and Professor for Strategic Management

Topic: „Strategic decision-making in times of crisis – from textbook to reality”
Language: English

April 7, 2020
Interview with Karin Reuschenbach-Coutinho

Head of Career Services

Topic: "Der Jobmarkt in der Krise? Erfahrungen aus den Career Services der Frankfurt School"
Language: German

April 28, 2020
Online presentation with Vahe Andonians

Senior Lecturer

Topic: "COVID-19 as a chance to reshape data policies"
Language: English

April 23, 2020
Online presentation with Khaled Alabdulkareem

Assistant Deputy Minister for Primary Health Care at Ministry of Health Saudi Arabia & Student in International Heathcare Management MBA

Topic: "The interventions of the Saudi Arabian government during the COVID-19 crisis"
Language: English

April 21, 2020
Online presentation with Prof. Dr Christine Tiefensee

Associate Professor of Philosophy

Topic: "Corona, values and moral responsibility: Who owes what to whom?"
Language: English

Presentation (PDF)

April 16, 2020
Online presentation with Prof. Dr Dr Afschin Gandjour

Professor of Health Management

Topic: "What is the price for flattening the infection curve?"
Language: English

Presentation (PDF)

April 14, 2020
Online presentation with Prof. Dr Philipp Sandner

Head of Frankfurt School Blockchain Center

Topic: "Bitcoin: A currency for a crisis?"
Language: English

April 9, 2020
Online presentation with Prof. Dr Christoph Schalast

Professor of Mergers & Acquisitions, Business Law and European Law

Topic: "Die Rolle des Staates und die Beschränkung der Grundrechte in der Coronakrise"
Language: German

Presentation (PDF)

April 7, 2020
Interview with Fatma Dirkes

Vice President Frankfurt School and Director International Advisory Services

Topic: "Projects of International Advisory Services during the coronavirus crisis"
Language: English

April 2, 2020
Online presentation with Prof. Dr Sascha Steffen

Professor of Finance

Topic: "COVID-19 – der mögliche Auslöser einer neuen Finanzkrise?"
Language: German

March 31, 2020
Online presentation with Prof. Dr Horst Löchel

Head of Sino-German Center of Finance and Economics as well as Professor of Economics

Topic: "The Expected Impact of the Coronavirus Crisis on the World Economy – What’s Next?"
Language: English

Presentation (PDF)

March 25, 2020
Interview with Michelle Neumann

Marketing & Sales Coordinator

Topic: "Herausforderung Home-Office"
Language: German