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In spring 2020, Frankfurt School launched a new online series: “Stay tuned to FS”. While primarily intended for our graduates, the series is also aimed at the FS community as a whole, including students, trainees, lecturers, faculty members, friends and supporters.

In “Stay tuned to FS”, Frankfurt School faculty members present their ongoing research, written work and hypotheses, and discuss them with the audience. Our faculty members’ research does, after all, address all kinds of urgent challenges of direct relevance to many FS community members.

But this is also about putting FS community members in touch with each other. That’s why we also invite graduates to speak on “Stay tuned to FS”. Typically, speakers talk about their careers, or present and discuss their views on the latest industry trends or technological developments. The benefits are twofold: it’s an opportunity for students to meet alumni and share in their experiences, and a chance for alumni to learn from each other while simultaneously extending and consolidating their networks.

See below for a list of upcoming “Stay tuned to FS” events, plus recordings of previous events.

Online presentations & interviews

Upcoming dates
We start our summer break!

As of July, our online series, Stay Tuned to FS, is taking a well-deserved summer break. The recordings of our past live sessions and interviews are, of course, still available for our whole FS community on our webpage. Starting September 2021, we will be back every month with brand-new and exciting live sessions and interviews.


"Stay tuned to FS" Archive

Videos 2021

20 May 2021
Online presentation with Prof. Dr. Dr. Afschin Gandjour

Professor of Health Management

Topic: The Corona Vaccination: Insights on Fairness and Trust, on Costs and Value
Language: English

13 April 2021
Online presentation with Dr. Marco Lemessi

FS Graduate, Author "SERVE to lead" and Cybersecurity Specialist at John Deere

Topic: Exclusive Book Presentation “SERVE to lead" with Q&A Session
Language: English

Presentation (PDF)

18 March 2021
Interview with Christoph Wittkop

FS Graduate, Co-Founder & CEO of Sonar Real Estate GmbH and Managing Partner at MOUNT Real Estate Capital Partners GmbH

Topic: "Aktueller Blick auf die Real Estate Märkte – ein Experte gibt Einblicke in die Strategien von internationalen Private Equity Fonds und deutschen institutionellen Investoren"
Language: German

18 February 2021
Online presentation with Prof. Dr. Christoph Schalast

Professor of Mergers & Acquisitions, Business Law and European Law

Topic: "M&A-Hausse während der Corona-Pandemie"
Language: German

Presentation (PDF)

9 February 2021
Interview with Christian Zahn

FS Graduate & Partner, McKinsey & Company

Topic: "McKinsey Global Banking Annual Review 2020 - a test of resilience: Banking through the crisis, and beyond"
Language: English

26 January 2021
Interview with Jörg Hessenmüller

FS Graduate & COO Commerzbank AG

Topic: "Agile Arbeitsweise vs. Konventionelle Methoden. Welche Veränderungen und neuen Prozesse brauchen wir in der Krise?"
Language: German

12 January 2021
Online presentation with Prof. Dr. Zacharias Sautner

Professor of Finance

Topic: "How do financial markets help fight climate change?"
Language: English

Videos 2020