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Frankfurt am Main, 14.12.2018 12:00:00

The module is an elective and belongs to the “Finance and Banking” area of the Advanced Study Phase in the Bachelor in Business Administration.

We teach this course to small groups of usually 40 to 60 students. Teaching language is English. You will be expected to determine the topics of the course and the assignments in line with programme policy. You may use a textbook, if appropriate.

You are either qualified through your research or your professional experience. As a researcher, you will have a doctorate and regularly publish in your field of expertise. As a professional, you will have a Master degree (or equivalent) and a work track record of several years at senior level.

This position requires prior teaching experience in higher education and ideally experience with setting up and structuring a course. We expect you to have an excellent command of English.

Are you interested in teaching a group of highly motivated students at a leading Business School? We look forward to receiving your application.



Number of hours:       

44 academic hours (of 45 minutes each)

Time frame:               

November/December 2018