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FFM in Numbers

720,000 inhabitants from 180 countries populate Germany’s most international city.

- An impressive 300,000 commuters travel to Frankfurt to make the most of their career.

-  #1 city for employment in Europe, Frankfurt has been ranked 7th city in the world for quality of life for the 2nd year running.

Frankfurt is a breath of fresh air for finance and business professionals; boasting its impressive skyline and the new European Central Bank headquarters, as well as being home to Germany’s largest stock exchange, ‘Deutsche Börse’ and some of the world’s most famous trade shows, Frankfurt attracts thousands of business travelers each year.

Your Home Away From Home

If Frankfurt is going to be your next home, it is important that you are familiar with the area before you get here. On campus dorms are available for students, however you may prefer to live in a shared apartment with fellow students and new friends.  

Districts in Frankfurt:

  • Bornheim is home to many young people and has various restaurants, cafes and boutiques along the well-known Bergerstraße that runs from one end of the district right through to the other.
  • Nordend is home to the Frankfurt School Campus and one of the four city districts that make up the Frankfurt downtown. This district features some of the most beautiful architecture in town.
  • Westend is a quieter area, located right next to Palmengarten and Grüneberg park. This quiet area within the city, although quite pricey, has picturesque Altbau (old build) buildings of the late 19th and 20th Century.
  • Living in the Innenstadt (city centre), having the main shopping street on your doorstep, and being only a few steps away from bars and clubs is perfect for those who really want a taste of city life.
  • Sachsenhausen is south of the river Main. Although it is slightly further from our campus, it offers its own cinema and array of bars and restaurants; a great place for socialising without having to enter the hustle and bustle of the Innenstadt.  
  • Eckenheim or Dornbusch are a bit further from the city but are located closer to our campus and priced at a resonable range for students.

Our new campus is easily reachable from wherever you are living in Frankfurt. We are located in Nordend (north end), just a 4 minute walk from the nearest U-Bahn (underground) station and 6 minute train journey to the city centre.

Getting Around

Frankfurt is home to Europe’s third-largest airport located in the centre of Europe and only 10 minutes away from Frankfurt’s main station. Regular flights to all corners of the world means that travel is quick and convenient.

The reputable Deutsche Bahn runs through Germany’s financial hub, providing you with a punctual and reliable train network to explore Germany. You can reach Cologne in just 1 hour, Munich in 3 hours, Hamburg in 3.5 hours, and Berlin in 4 hours.



The city provides plenty of opportunities for socialising after work and on the weekends. Taking a walk along Museum Mile, visiting parks, going for bike rides, relaxing on the river Main, going to festivals, visiting the English theatre, or one of the many markets are just a few things to do in Frankfurt.

The well-known Goethe House Museum is also worth visiting as it was home to the most famous German language poet and writer, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, who was born and raised in Frankfurt. 

A wide range of bars and clubs allow everyone to be entertained in the evenings. Frankfurt is home to Germany’s oldest Jazz bar ‘Jazzkeller,’ which has hosted world-famous musicians since 1952. 

Eating out and Eating In


Due to its international population, Frankfurt offers an array of restaurants serving food from countries all over the world. If it's local food that you're after, try Flammkuchen, Apfelwein (apple wine) and Grüne Soße (green sauce) - all specialties of Frankfurt.  

Eating in is just as easy; Rewe, Lidl and Aldi offer a variety of foods at a range of prices and are located on nearly every corner. 

The Language

Both Frankfurt School and the city are extremely international, so fluent German is by no means a must. However, knowing a bit of German can help with everyday tasks like food shopping, ordering drinks and going to the cinema. 

Here are a few words to get you going:

Hello Hallo
Goodbye Ciao / Tschüss
Thank you Dankeschön
Thanks Danke
Please Bitte
You’re welcome Bitteschön
What is your name? (formal) Wie heißen Sie? 
What is your name? (informal) Wie heißt Du? 
My name is… Ich heiße…
I would like… Ich möchte…
I need… Ich brauche… 
I am looking for… Ich suche… 
Do you know where… is? (formal) Wissen Sie wo…. ist?
Do you know where…is? (informal) Weißt Du wo… ist?