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Artificial Intelligence (AI) has enormous disruptive potential, but making the most of this potential requires you to change your mindset and business priorities.

The programme Certified AI Business Advisor (CAIBA™) aims to provide you with an overview of AI, including a discussion of what the technology is (and is not), the current state of AI research, and how to make best use of the business opportunities presented by AI.


The programme in Certified AI Business Advisor (CAIBA™) focuses on issues and applications from a business leadership perspective, highlighting the most important shifts required in a true leader’s mindset. You will gain an understanding of the various business applications of AI and digitalisation, as well as the principles and skills you need to build a data-driven organisation. You will also be empowered to evaluate levels of digitalisation in your own area of business so you can better assess the growth potential of your department or business unit.

The course is conducted by two trainers who are also available as points of contact throughout the on-campus study period, ensuring that you receive the highest possible standard of mentoring and guidance. Please note that the two trainers are specialists in different areas of expertise, meaning that each will contribute his or her own perspective to the learning process.

Programme content

The programme Certified AI Business Advisor (CAIBA™) consists of two 5-day weeks. It starts with the first 5-day course covering the AI fundamentals and the ecosystem of AI providers. In the 2nd week you will follow the specialisation of adapting AI solutions to specific business problems.

AI Fundamentals and the Ecosystem of Providers (Week 1)

How does AI help and how does it work?

Applications in:

  • Sales and Marketing
  • Manufacturing and Supply Chain Management
  • Customer service HR
  • Legal, Finance and Back office

More informationen about week 1

Adapting AI Solutions to Business Problems (Week 2)

  • Building a data driven organisation
  • Identifying a first AI project
  • Managing the data capital
  • Building the learning cycle
  • Presenting and winning an AI project

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Key Facts


Certified AI Business Advisor (CAIBA™) (Frankfurt School)

Target Group

Senior managers, strategists, decision-makers, change/innovation managers, CIOs and CDOs, computer scientists, developers interested in business, Talent programme participants aspiring to C-suite positions.


  • No IT background required
  • Experience in leading and managing teams
  • All participants should bring laptops with them to work on practical exercises during the course.


3 months, 2 times 5 days on campus

Information & Registration

Dates and Registration


Prof. Dr. Florian Ellsaesser

Florian is Assistant Professor for International Entrepreneurship at the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management.

He completed his undergraduate degree in Economics and Philosophy in the UK. His PhD at Cambridge University was a comparison of three approaches to explanation in management research, focusing on causal inference and the construction of explanatory frameworks. He particularly looked at situations in which the data is limited, such as when an entirely new product, service or distribution channel is launched.

For one of his research papers Florian received the Oxford, Cambridge, Warwick best PhD paper award. During his PhD he also began to study Mathematics and has continued ever since.

After his PhD, Florian first worked as a strategy consultant and then as a project manager at McKinsey & Company. He then moved into the entrepreneurial world and was involved in founding a number of technology start-ups. He also published on causal inference and machine learning in the Academy of Management Review and the Strategic Management Journal.

Florian’s main research interest lies in decision making under uncertainty and the application of machine learning to managerial and organizational problems.

Levente Szabados

Levente has a background in cognitive sciences and considerable experience in leading research and development teams as well as transforming research results into software applications. He has filled various roles at two startups including co-founder, lead of research, and chief technology officer. Levente’s work has covered topics including web ontologies, evolutionary computation, neural networks, and diverse natural language processing approaches. He currently has

Gergely Szertics

Gergely earned a Master’s degree from Corvinus University in Organization and Management. He then began working as a change management consultant and guest lecturer in Organization Theory. In 2011, Gergely co-founded Analogy Co., a startup developing AI supported knowledge management systems. He continued at the company through 2017, acting as CEO, participating in multiple startup competitions, and implementing several AI driven projects. Currently, Gergely is a business partner at AI Partners.


Technical Questions

Organisational Questions