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Artificial Intelligence (AI) has enormous disruptive potential, but making the most of this potential requires you to change your mindset and business priorities.

The programme Certified Specialist in AI for Business aims to provide you with an overview of AI, including a discussion of what the technology is (and is not), the current state of AI research, and how to make best use of the business opportunities presented by AI.


The programme Certified Specialist in AI for Business focuses on issues and applications from a business perspective. You will gain an understanding of the various business applications of AI and digitalisation, as well as the principles and skills you need to build a data-driven organisation. You will also be empowered to evaluate levels of digitalisation in your own area of business so you can better assess the growth potential of your department or business unit.

Programme content

The programme Certified Specialist in AI for Business consists of two 3-day workshops. It starts with the first 3-day course covering the AI fundamentals. In the 2nd workshop you will follow the specialisation of adapting AI solutions to specific business problems. The oral certification exam will take place directly after the 2nd workshop on 24 January 2019.

AI Fundamentals (Workshop 1)

Participants should have an understanding of the current state of AI applicability in business with a special focus on machine learning and deep learning technologies. On one hand they will get an overview of the AI provider landscape specifically connected to each organisational function, on the other hand they will understand the general principles of how AI technologies work today, and where they are going in the near future.

Broad understanding of different artificial intelligence technologies and applications in the enterprise environment.
Learning about the landscape of AI driven technology providers in specific business areas.
Understanding how AI is transforming the future of business on an organisational level with special emphasis on the sales and marketing, customer service, manufacturing, supply chain management and the supporting functions (HR, finance, backoffice)

More informationen about workshop 1

Adapting AI Solutions to Business Problems (Workshop 2)

Participants shall gain a practical overview on how to define and implement artificial intelligence driven projects in business environment. The goal is to become an internal AI implementation advisor who can initiate, facilitate and manage the adaption of AI powered technologies.

More information about workshop 2

Key Facts


Certified Specialist in AI for Business (Frankfurt School)

Target Group

Senior managers, strategists, decision-makers, change/innovation managers, CIOs and CDOs, computer scientists, developers interested in business, Talent programme participants aspiring to C-suite positions.


  • No IT background required
  • All participants should bring laptops with them to work on practical exercises during the course.


2 months, 2 times 3 days on campus

Dates and Registration


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