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Firms generate lots of ideas. Bringing them to fruition in a world of uncertainty, however, requires skills and expertise. This is because of a classic dilemma: an idea pursued could fail, and an idea not pursued could be a winner for a competitor. This dilemma requires firms to organise their innovation effort such that they can respond to the resolution of uncertainty, be it technological, competitive, or regulatory. And as if that were not difficult enough already, innovation resources are scarce, staff want to be motivated, and strategic controllers have to plan. The Frankfurt School course reveals how to best reconcile these and more competing demands. Its content quickly moves from the established wisdom of stage-gate processes to the novel capabilities required for succeeding in a fast-changing innovation landscape.


  • Evaluate and manage uncertain business propositions
  • Learn to appreciate types of risk and use it to advantage
  • Apply an options logic to resource allocation in the innovation portfolio
  • Design incentive systems compatible with innovation uncertainty
  • Build capabilities for project discontinuations, recycling, and learning

Target group

Managers, Directors



Price and Dates

Price: 1.490,- €

Date: October, 8th 2018 / Online-Registration


Prof. Dr. Ronald Klingebiel

is Professor of Strategy at the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management. He has held previous positions at Warwick, Duke, MIT, Columbia, and Cambridge. Ronald researches decision-making problems under uncertainty, particularly as regards resource allocation in innovation. Building on a background in strategy consulting, Ronald frequently works with technology firms, including device manufacturers as well as software and service providers, delivering research projects, academic advisory, and executive education.

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His research on managing innovation as a dynamic portfolio of options has been supported by grants from the UK Economic and Social Research Council and the European SEEK Programme. You can find Ronald’s writing on technology strategy at ForbesHarvard Business Review, and The Conversation. He has also featured on the BBC, Guardian, Wall Street Journal, Business Week, Bloomberg, Le Monde, El Pais, Handelsblatt, and other media outlets.

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