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Building and managing relationships is a skill like any other; it can be learned, developed and fine-tuned. While it is essential to the success of those whose jobs involve frequent high-stake encounters, we often spend far more time developing our technical and process skills. This is an opportunity to rectify this. Interactifs’ original and proprietary approach (the Interactifs Discipline©) equips people in organisations of all sizes and at all levels (from the board down) with a simple set of verbal behaviours and reflexes which enable them, in all of their meetings and conversations, both inside and outside the company, to increase:

  • the authority they convey
  • the influence they exercise
  • the impact they make
  • the results they produce
  • the respect they earn
  • the respect they show
  • the quality of their relationships
  • the enjoyment they derive


  • Generating concrete results in all conversations
  • Knowing quicker what can be obtained from any conversation
  • Acting with authority without being authoritarian
  • Gaining respect without giving up on requirements and expectations
  • Listening effectively – and giving proof of having done so
  • Holding positions (for example, saying ‘no’) while preserving esteem and trust
  • Negotiating while preserving your interests
  • Being more comfortable with uncertainty and in tense situations
  • Giving feedback in a way which is constructive and motivating
  • Placing arguments in a way which will maximise the chances of the other person listening to them receptively


Clément Toulemonde

is a partner and international development director at Interactifs. He experienced the training in 2008 as a management consultant at Capgemini Consulting. It was in his view the best training he had ever received. Seeking a new professional challenge, he accepted the offer to join the company in 2009. He has contributed to develop the company around the world. Interactifs now delivers its training in 11 different languages, is present in 6 countries and generates more than 30% of its revenues outside of its historical base – France. Clément is Franco-Australian and was educated around the world following his parents throughout their international careers.

Key Facts

Target group

Managers, Directors


Little theory, lots of practice on real-life professional situations, no PowerPoint


2 days und 2 individual one-hour telephone coaching sessions

Day 1: 9:30 am - 5:30 pm

Day 2: 9 am - 5 pm

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