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Course contributes to UN SDGs

This course will enhance your knowledge in the following SDGs. The SWA offers professional and executive courses dedicated to the advancement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


Our Summer & Winter Academies

For more than 50 years, Frankfurt School of Finance & Management has been a leading Business School in providing professional, academic, and executive education to managers and executives as well as financial institutions.

We are proud to present two Development Finance Summer Academies and one Winter Leadership Academy as well as further programmes within the framework of our International Advisory Services activities.

Each Academy offers plenty of opportunities to learn and widen your scope - both from our well-experienced faculty and from networking with other participants. This is your opportunity to stretch your network all around the globe!

Inclusive Finance Summer Academy | 22.11.2021 - 26.11.2021

Our successful Inclusive Finance Summer Academy offers you the chance to select your "hot topic" not only in regards to technical knowledge but also management excellence. Additionally the latest trends of micro- and SME banking as well as housing finance were discussed.

If your interest lies in housing finance you are invited to choose our housing finance elective, where you are able to discuss the latest topics and trends in the housing sector. We specifically focus on conveying practical knowledge and tools for successfully managing mortgage lending operations and developing approaches and products that meet the rising demand for housing finance.

Climate and Sustainable Energy Finance Summer Academy | 22.11.2021 - 26.11.2021

Due to popular demand the Sustainable Finance Summer Academy opened its class-room doors to welcome more participants than in previous years. Yet, the new concept promised small class-sizes tailored to your experience level, superior networking opportunities and specialised training to build your core competence.

Women's Leadership Academy | 27.9.2021 - 1.10.2021

The Women’s Leadership Academy aims to maximize the participants’ leadership effectiveness, through a unique combination of coaching, networking, analytical reflection and tailor-made personal development. With peers from all over the world, senior female managers will be equipped with the necessary intellectual tools to break through that infamous “glass-ceiling”, creating sustainable value for their respective organizations.

Leadership Winter Academy | 22.11.2021 - 26.11.2021

The Leadership Winter Academy is customized to ensure that participants master the 5 essential leadership skills needed to build strong and sustainable business models in emerging and developing countries.

Extended Leadership Winter Academy (6 ECTS)

The Extended Leadership Winter Academy builds on the regular Leadership Winter Academy, but has a deeper look at current leadership theories. Besides executives, it targets Master and MBA students. Successful participants will earn 6 ECTS.

Short Seminars

Impact Investing | 22.9.2021 - 24.9.2021

Until a few years ago, green and sustainable investment was considered idealistic - but unrealistic. Today, there are many impressive cases that showcase how impact finance can achieve the holy grail: a positive social and environmental impact, as well as a solid financial return.

Impact Investing has gained a lot of traction in recent years: be part of the Trend!

The FS Impact Investing programme will equip you with in-depth skills about different investment strategies, outcome appraisal techniques and teach you the art of “deal-making”. During the three-day training, you will learn how to make a deal and analyse these deal as well as get an idea of investments in various markets. You will learn how to build partnerships across the private, public, civil society and philanthropic sectors, and develop appropriate organisational infrastructures and culture.

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Climate Risk Insurance | 29.9.2021 - 1.10.2021

Natural disasters are a major impediment to development in many countries, undermining sustainable development and leading to loss of lives and livelihoods. The course will help to understand the spectrum of solutions offered by innovative climate and disaster risk insurance products as an essential element of a comprehensive risk management strategy. Participants will be introduced to the process of product development as well as tools and models relevant for climate and disaster risk analysis, insurance product design and pricing.

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Sustainable World Academy Package

Receive an exclusive 30% discount when you combine your participation in one of our Summer Academy* with one of Frankfurt School's e-learning courses. Further develop your knowledge in areas such as Risk Managment, Agricultural Finance, Digital Finance, SME Finance or Renewable Energy Finance online and part-time.

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The Organisers

Our Summer Academies are the initiative of Frankfurt School of Finance & Management, a leading private business school and advisory institute in Germany. Frankfurt School has more than 50 years of experience in consulting and training services in all areas of banking & finance.

Since starting its international advisory business in 1992, Frankfurt School has successfully managed and implemented development finance projects for a wide range of clients, primarily the major international finance institutions, development finance institutions and bilateral and multilateral donor organisations.

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Our department International Advisory Services is committed to improving financial markets and increasing access to finance for low-income populations in developing and transition countries and emerging markets.

Over the past 16 years Frankfurt School of Finance & Management/International Advisory Services has organised its Summer Academies annually. Beginning in 2000, our Summer Academies have become a high-standard microfinance practitioner trainings with an excellent reputation worldwide. We provide our participants, representatives of microfinance organisations, commercial banks and other financial institutions intending to venture into microfinance, with in-depth technical know-how and effective practical tools to manage change and lead their institutions in dynamic markets. Our goal is to provide a one-stop platform where you can obtain integrated training and gain new insights - both from our experienced faculty and from networking with other participants.