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Thematic Area:

HR Management & Development




Bunna International Bank S.C.



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Project Overview

Established in 2010, Bunna International Bank is a young and dynamic private commercial bank in Ethiopia. With 1,500 employees and 205 branches, the bank is already a strong player in the Ethiopian banking sector. At the bank’s request, Frankfurt School developed a tailor-made Competency Development Programme for the board members, as well as of top- and mid-level managers in the areas of IFRS, Risk-based Internal Audit, as well as Asset and Liability Management. In addition, Frankfurt School developed and delivered a programme on Career Development and Succession Planning.

Frankfurt School designed a training programme to enhance the competencies of its staff across three professional levels:


Nearly 100 employees of Bunna International Bank, at various professional levels, took part in the trainings.

The training content, highly relevant in today’s banking and finance world, was developed in accordance with international best practices adapted to the Ethiopian context and tailored to Bunna International Bank’s specific needs.