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Thematic Area:

Rural & Smart Agri-finance Development


2012 - 2017


KfW and aBi Trust



Country Coverage:           


Project Overview

This project aimed to improve access to sustainable and demand-driven financial services for the rural population and rural Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) in Uganda. The project contributed to the deepening and broadening of the financial sector in Uganda and facilitated the development of the private sector, thus fostering the improvement of economic and social conditions for rural MSMEs in Uganda.

Technical assistance grants to financial institutions to roll-out innovations lead to access to finance for rural MSMEs.

Examples include:

  • Leveraging the infrastructure of telecoms by Equity Bank to extend financial services to over 2,000 savings and credit cooperatives in rural areas.
  • Rural outreach to more than 20,000 farmers by PostBank through mobile phone banking and mobile vans.
  • Expanding the delivery of financial services to 50,000 coffee farmers by Opportunity Bank Uganda with the use of mobile banking.
  • Extending financial services to 5,100 unbanked workers of four tea estates by Finance Trust Bank with the use of solar powered ATMs.
  • Supported FINCA Uganda to pilot and roll-out a credit scoring model to provide financial services to 20,000 rural MSMEs locked out of the financial system due to lack of formal business records.

Establishment of satellite banks and up-scaling of micro-leasing for the acquisition of productive assets for 15,000 rural smallholder farmers by the Hunger Project.