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"Are cryptocurrencies changing the way entrepreneurs get funded?"

Mingle with students, alumni and stakeholders of the start-up scene.

When: March 01, 6.00 pm 
Where: Frankfurt School of Finance & Management, 
Adickesallee 32-34, 60322 Frankfurt am Main


Are cryptocurrencies changing the way entrepreneurs get funded?

18:00 Welcome Dr. Heike Brost, Director and Vice President Degree Programmes and Executive Education, Frankfurt School
18:05 Panel Prof. Dr. Markus Fitza, Professor for Strategy and Entrepreneurship, Frankfurt School
Philipp Schulden, FS Blockchain Center
Lukasz Musialski, Co-founder & Portfolio Director, Iconiq Lab
Gerrit Sindermann, Head International Business Development & Partnerships, Contovista AG
David Stuck, Associate, bmp Ventrues AG
Andreas Schemm, CEO, Vreo
19:00 Networking Recruiting fair
21:00 End of the event
Panel Description

More and more start-up use new ways of funding such as initial coin offerings (ICO) and crowdinvesting. Some argue that these new fund raising methods democratize funding; they enable firms to raise money by bypassing traditional gatekeepers such as venture capitalists. Money raised this way comes with little strings attached which gives entrepreneurs a lot of freedom how to use it. But maybe the old gatekeepers fulfilled an important function. ICOs are so far mostly unregulated and there is ample opportunity for hype and fraud. On the other hand experienced investors such as venture capitalists come with expertise and contacts and help to professionalize and grow firms. We are looking forward to an interesting discussion: Are these new ways of funding here to stay or are they just a fad? Are traditional VCs still valuable or will they be replaced by ICOs? And most importantly how can entrepreneurs navigate this new funding landscape?

Participating companies

Acellere ▪ Acomodeo ▪ Base Camp Management Consulting ▪ bettervest ▪ Bettzeit Gruppe ▪ Business Angels FrankfurtRheinMain ▪ CASHLINK ▪ Covomo ▪ Technologies ▪ CRX Markets ▪ Deutsche Bank ▪ Elbe Finanzgruppe ▪ Elinvar ▪ EY ▪ Fahrrad XXL ▪ FastBill ▪ Fincite ▪ Fineway ▪ Fintiba ▪ Frontify ▪ getsteroo ▪ Ginmon ▪ Giromatch ▪ Goinpharma ▪ Iconiq Lab ▪ idatase ▪ idego ▪ investify ▪ Liefery ▪ MeetingCultures ▪ Meshcloud ▪ savedroid ▪ SlidePresenter ▪ smuuv ▪ South Drinks ▪ The Digital Workforce Group ▪ The Office Frankfurt ▪ VR First ▪ Wayfair

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