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Frankfurt am Main, 15.12.2014 12:00:00

Germany’s leading financial daily, Handelsblatt, today published its latest rankings of top academic researchers in Business Administration. In total, five professors at Frankfurt School of Finance & Management were ranked among the most productive researchers in Europe’s German-speaking regions. The list covers three categories: “Top 100 Researchers at present”, “Top 100 Researchers under 40” and “Top 250 Researchers/lifetime achievement”. 

Top 100 Researchers at present

In the “Top 100 Researchers at present” category, Handelsblatt evaluates research performance in the last five years. Three of Frankfurt School’s academics are mentioned:


Professor Dr. Dr. Afschin Gandjour is ranked twelfth. In his research, the Professor of Health Management at Frankfurt School focuses on cost/benefit assessments and the value-based pricing of pharmaceuticals, financial incentives in healthcare, and issues of justice in the allocation of healthcare resources.

Platz 59 belegt Professor Dr. Eberhard Feess, der eine Professur für Managerial Economics an der Frankfurt School innehat. Seine Forschungsschwerpunkte sind Wettbewerbspolitik, Sportökonomie, Gesundheitsökonomie, Boni- und Anreizsysteme sowie das Zusammenspiel von privatem und öffentlichem Sektor etwa im Bankenwesen.



Thanks to his achievements as a researcher in banking competition and systemic risk measurements as well as bank productivity and internationalisation decisions, Professor Dr. Michael Koetter, Professor of Banking and Finance, is ranked 85th.

Top 100 Researchers under 40

In a separate category, Handelsblatt assesses the research performance of researchers below the age of 40. Here, Professor Dr. Daniel Beimborn, Professor of Information Systems at Frankfurt School, is ranked 19th. His research includes IT management and governance, business process management and external networks in innovation management.


Top 250 Researchers/lifetime achievement

In a third category, Handelsblatt evaluates academics’ research performance since the start of their careers. In this category – “Top 250 researchers/lifetime achievement” – Professor Dr Dr Afschin Gandjour, Professor of Health Management, is ranked 35th. Professor Dr Eberhard Feess climbs to rank 37th.

Professor Dr. Dr. Afschin Gandjour is ranked 35. Professor Dr. Eberhard Feess reached rank 37.


Professor Dr. Hartmut Kliemt, Professor of Philosophy and Economics and Vice President Research at Frankfurt School, ranks 130th. His key areas of research are methodological issues in ethics and the applied sciences, problems associated with the justification of underlying behavioural and value assumptions in economics, issues of medical ethics, and the application of game theory to social processes, as well as more general questions of legal, social and political philosophy.


The Handelsblatt rankings evaluate the research output of professors of Business Administration in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. The “Top 250 researchers/lifetime achievement” ranking rates the 250 researchers in Business Administration who have been most productive over their entire career, “Top 100 Researchers at present” focuses on the 100 most productive Business Administration researchers over the past five years, and “Top 100 Researchers below the age of 40” identifies the most productive Business Administration researchers under 40 years of age.

The full rankings can be found on Handelsblatt Online.

On Monday, December 22, 2014, Handelsblatt will publish a ranking of research performance by university faculties.