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Frankfurt am Main, 12.11.2014 12:00:00

On 11 November, 45 Frankfurt School alumni joined members of the FS Executive Board and academic faculty for the first-ever President’s Night. The event took place at the invitation of FS President Professor Dr Udo Steffens and was hosted in the Präsidialbau on the new campus of Frankfurt School of Finance & Management.

Professor Steffens gave the guests a personal presentation of the new campus and discussed Frankfurt School’s vision for the future – of which the new campus construction is an important part. FS aims to be among the top five business schools in Europe by the year 2020. Professor Steffens stated that Frankfurt School has already achieved significant milestones on the way to achieving this. He noted, for example, how AACSB and EQUIS institutional accreditations have bolstered the School’s international reputation; he also stressed the important role that MBA degree programmes play for a business school. He reported feeling proud that now, in addition to the Executive MBA and the MBA in International Healthcare Management, Frankfurt School has successfully launched a new Full-time MBA programme.

Professor Steffens emphasised that Frankfurt School alumni represent the backbone of the institution, and their successful careers offer positive, real-life evidence in support of the School’s reputation. He asked the guests for their backing to help Frankfurt School achieve its goal of becoming one of Europe’s top business schools. He named multiple ways to get involved – for example, as a mentor or as an Assessment Centre invigilator – and he thanked the alumni for the engagement they already demonstrated by joining the event that day. In addition, he issued a call for financial contributions to support the construction of the new campus. A bench in the garden of the new campus was dedicated to the first President’s Night. Professor Steffens asked the guests to set an example and to make a donation – which many of the alumni did that evening.

Many of the alumni in attendance had not seen each other for a long time and used the evening to catch up on the developments in their lives. The first President’s Night ended shortly before midnight.