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Frankfurt am Main, 13.11.2014 12:00:00

Frankfurt School of Finance & Management opened its doors on Friday, November 7, for the second night of science (Nacht der Wissenschaft). Friends, students and staff of Frankfurt School together with interested locals used the opportunity to learn how research findings from economics can be applied to everyday life. The evening lectures were organised by students of Frankfurt School.

Professor Dr. Jan Vecer, Professor for Finance, looked back to the football world cup in Brazil and showcased a statistical method to identify results in advance. This had allowed him to correctly predict the success of the German team. For all those already thinking about the Christmas holidays, Professor Dr. Jörn-Henrik Thun, Professor for Operations Strategy, looked at ants to find the best Christmas presents.

In addition to the lectures the students provided snacks and drinks as well as musical entertainment. All proceeds of the evening will be donated to FS Charity.